Progressions Report for Bill Clinton
Aug 19, 1946, 8:51 am CST
Hope, AR (33N40, 93W30)
Progressions for Aug 17, 1998, 20:35 EDT



Important Features
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Important Features

Progressed Mars in strong square (forming, 1.0 degrees) with natal Pluto

Progressed Mars brings issues of ego expression, power, and strength of will to the areas of life represented by the contacted house or planet. It is a good time to express yourself in these areas. Your intentions are clear, and you will operate at a high peak of energy during this period of time. Your self-assertion may also be stronger, and you apply yourself as an independent agency, rather by working with other people. Progressed Mars aspects to natal planets last for a year and up to two years, given the small orb of only 30 minutes of arc usually allowed.

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

Aspects by progression to natal Pluto affect your urge for self-transformation and regeneration. Conflicts may come up for you during this progression, while Mars is conjuncting, squaring or opposing your natal Pluto. During this period, your assertion and goal-directed activity will be subject to drastic changes, for the purpose of bringing to light the inner workings of repressed impulses you may have in these areas. Your drive to succeed may be riding at an all-time high during the period of time this progression is in effect. On the other hand, this may be a stressful time which is ultimately productive of far-reaching personality changes, as you feel yourself directly challenged by inner processes that seem about to overwhelm your fragile ego. Either way, compulsive or control-oriented behavior which normally lies beneath the surface of your conscious awareness could come up for you at this time. This may be a sign that you are ready to eventually outgrow these behaviors, which may be carry-overs from the distant past, and no longer appropriate to your present level of maturity. The challenges forced upon you at this time can be difficult and painful. You should have faith in your own process, to guide you through these events to emerge on the other side of them, calm once more, and even more wholly yourself than before you went through them

Pluto in the Eleventh House (or sign) gives you a personality with an intense focus on friendships and group associations. You can perhaps behave compulsively with regard to group membership, or you may feel an unconscious drive toward an objective or goal that you do not fully understand. You have a dynamic and powerful expectation orientation that is constantly pulling you onward, so that you are never satisfied with what you have in front of you, but rather seek the bliss of an improved future for yourself and for the social groups with which you are connected. You like to be liked, and may go through many changes around the development of your own sense of yourself in relation to your friends and associates. You may radically change your group affiliation from time to time in an effort to resolve the unconscious motivations that tie you to its membership. You are also likely to be involved at some point in your life with a movement whose goal is the eventual improvement of society. Your task is to attempt to make conscious choices in these areas, and to become aware of your true objectives, based on your own values and goals, independent from the approval of others.

Progressed Venus in strong square (fading, 1.2 degrees) with natal Sun Ruler of sun sign - sun's ruler

Progressed Venus brings softness and beauty to the areas of life represented by the contacted house or planet. Its action is to create a favorable climate for interacting with these areas, both within your own psyche and in the world of external events which happen to you. Progressed Venus aspects to natal planets last six months or more. Although subtle in their effects, they are noticeable in your emotional reaction to the events symbolized by the contacted planet.

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.

Progressions to the Sun affect self-expression, including your creative potential and your sense of well-being. Your physical vitality is also affected, and your attitude to life in general. The relationship energy of Venus comes into your conscious awareness as a result of this progression, and you will be more sympathetic than usual to your fellow-man. The love of beauty that is the best side of Venus will heighten your appreciation of your surroundings during this period of time. You may also find that significant relationship issues come up for you during the period of time this progression is in effect.

The Sun represents your will and purpose, your sense of vitality, and your evolving higher Self. In Leo it is Fixed-Fire, and rules the heart and spine. Your ruling planet is the Sun itself, and you are likely to express yourself in dramatic, creative and assertive ways. You are also likely to enjoy the warmth of the physical Sun. You have great energy, courage and honesty. You are likely to be self-confident and maybe even a bit self-indulgent. You expect to be the center of attention, and often are. You can be quite determined and usually get your way when you really want to. You also possess great integrity, and are a natural leader. Leo people are very proud. Your challenge is to temper any tendency for arrogant or egotistical behavior and to instead develop humility and compassion; to learn detachment in the gift of your affections, so that you radiate your abundant energy freely and enhance the life experience of others around you.

Sun, Moon, Rising Sign Features

Progressed Ascendant in strong opposition (forming, 1.0 degrees) with natal Moon Leading planet of planetary pattern

The progressed Ascendant energizes planets which it contacts, especially by conjunction. It moves slowly through the natal chart, at about the same speed as the Progressed Sun, or about one degree per year. This means that aspects from the Progressed Ascendant to your chart last at least six months, and possibly as long as a year. During this period of time, those qualities represented by the planet as it appears in your chart will begin to come to your immediate attention, creating new realizations and modes of activity, in the area of life represented by the contacted planet.

The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.

Progressions to the Moon can represent changes to your feelings and your unconscious. The Moon in your natal chart is a reflection of the unconscious, feminine or instinctual part of your nature. The Moon also symbolizes your home life, and your nurturing of your children or loved ones. These areas come strongly into your conscious awareness during this period of time, when your Progressed Ascendant conjuncts your natal Moon. This is a period of time when you feel more comfortable with this part of yourself.

The Moon in Taurus gives a personality with a deep need for security, centered in the material world. You are possessed of powerful emotions, and you are also charming, good-natured, and attractive. The material world can be of importance to you, for it makes you feel comfortable to be in nice surroundings. You are also very practical, proud and stubborn, and should beware of acting conceited. You are likely to attract a loyal and loving partner.

Other Progressed Aspects

Progressed Planets

Progressed Sun in Libra (16° Lib 41' 27") Progressed Sun in the First House

Progressed Moon in Aries (13° Ari 24' 05") Progressed Moon in the Seventh House

Progressed Moon in the seventh house. At this time, lasting about two and a half years, relationships of all kinds are emphasized. This can be a good time to focus on a marriage or other intimate partnership, or to forge new business alliances. You may have a tendency to strive for balance between opposing points of view at this time. Coming out of a period of relative reserve, during the progressed Moon's passage through the sixth house, you are likely to get into a more social phase during this period. You have been developing a new sense of yourself over the previous fourteen years, and you are ready now to explore your sense of self in the arena of personal involvement with others. New relationships which begin during this period of time may be significant ones in your life journey.

Progressed Mercury in Scorpio (4° Sco 04') Progressed Mercury in the First House

Progressed Venus in Scorpio (27° Sco 12') Progressed Venus in the Second House

Progressed Mars in Scorpio (10° Sco 52') Progressed Mars in the Second House

Progressed Jupiter in Scorpio (3° Sco 11') Progressed Jupiter in the First House

Progressed Saturn in Leo (7° Leo 22') Progressed Saturn in the Eleventh House

Progressed Uranus in Gemini (21° Gem 44'R) Progressed Uranus in the Ninth House

Progressed Neptune in Libra (8° Lib 40') Progressed Neptune in the First House

Progressed Pluto in Leo (13° Leo 05') Progressed Pluto in the Eleventh House

Progressed Chiron in Libra (25° Lib 37') Progressed Chiron in the First House

Progressed N Node in Gemini (13° Gem 15'R) Progressed N Node in the Ninth House

Progressed Ascendant in Scorpio (19° Sco 16') Progressed Asc. in the Second House

Progressed Midheaven in Leo (26° Leo 45') Progressed MC in the Eleventh House

Progressed P Fort in Taurus (15° Tau 59') Progressed P Fort in the Eighth House