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Aug 23 - Sep 15

November Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

This is a powerful time for you, Aquarius. A rapidly changing worldview has created opportunities that were previously dim or nonexistent, giving you much food for thought as you ascend the mountain of your destiny. Your transformation takes hold of you from the inside out. This is also a time when you are shucking off pieces of the story you tell yourself that no longer fit, and transcending old patterns that no longer serve you, and it can be confusing and painful as you do. Encapsulated within what you are going through are the seeds of celebration, that comes when you simply accept it that your life is no longer the same, and you are lighter and move more easily because of it.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave of the New Moon of mid-October and the alterations in perspective and in awareness that accompanied it. These are big times for you and even more so as you edge into November. Interior shifts in perspective are heralds for outer world results over these final weeks of this climactic year. With the Full Moon of Monday, November 2nd, you are seeking a balance point between public and private initiatives as well as between self and other, and taking it to the streets with your head and your heart. Creative tensions could arise with active partners in your life, and these spark your interest in business activities of all kinds and in personal exploration. You are feeling the joy of the encounter with hidden parts of your being that may not always be given their due as part and parcel of your waking life. You are firmly embarked at this time on a voyage of discovery that will not cease until you recognize the potency of your inner world. Over these few months leading up to your birthday you will come into more comfortable alignment with these relatively unconscious factors of your being, moving through the uncertainty that they represent and the pain of doubt that you might find when you pierce the veil of secrecy that surrounds them. Although what exact form this will take remains to be seen, it is a truism that there are more things to be discovered in the direction that lies within than we can easily imagine using mere logic and mental constructs. At the time of the Last Quarter Moon of Monday, November 9th, you may find a degree of tension in your process that strongly effects close relationships, and that presents you with the evidence of the senses that you will need to continue your journey with confidence and courage. There is an optimistic flair to your interactions with others at this time that takes you far, and that if anything might need to be tempered with a dose of caution. You are fully engaged at this time also in a process of reflection on where this current arc of development is ultimately taking you, and how far you might be able to go in the direction of greater understanding. With the New Moon of the following week, taking place on Monday, November 16th, you are coming to a new sense of purpose and of outer world capability that perhaps is a consequence of your inner migration. You are also at this time in a totally confused and confusing place of partial acceptance of the insufficiency of the cause-and-effect world of events to predict outcomes for you. The final two weeks of the month will constitute a working out of these ideas that are swirling around in your mind these days, punctuated by the First Quarter Moon of Tuesday, November 24th, when the pressure to break through into a new worldview might be particularly intense. The acceptance of paradox as a natural and fundamental component of your universe is antithetical to 20th century conditioning and your own scientific bent but is vital to your continued success as a human being.

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