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Aug 23 - Sep 15

April Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

This is your moment, Aquarius, a period when you will be re-energized regarding both your values and your wider cultural perspective. Things slowly adding up over time suddenly click; the tumblers line up and the previously locked door opens wide. Close relationships are important now and help you to transition, as does also the depth research into your own motivations that you are more completely engaged in as the month unfolds. Changes in attitude that educate and enlighten precede depth awareness that further opens you to outer presentation based on the standpoint of your inner life. This circulation in the end actually enables a more complex and fully realized presence in both worlds.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave of changes from the powerful mid-month New Moon of last month. These two weeks have been an interesting proving ground for new ideas and even for new ways of being in the world as you continue your meditation on resources and values. Perspectives that have been altering slowly over time have gotten a jolt and will continue to morph in this current month in unexpected ways as you integrate a wider circle of understanding into your fundamental beliefs. Bringing this awareness into contact with others of your circle is key for you at this time, as you enter into the first full week of April. With the Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, April 6th, your communicative outreach hits a snag or two. This is a time when the effort to connect and to stay connected must yield to the silence within your soul and when you feel closer to your true destiny in this life because of it. It might also be at this time that you feel that some of your original impulses from the mid-March period of time have gone astray that you never had what you thought you had. Instead you have this realization. The New Moon of the following week, taking place on Wednesday, April 14th, brings along with it tons of energy for your process. These are powerful times of growing awareness and burgeoning understanding of your true nature, as the various parts of yourself - both mentally dry and emotionally wet - come together in what is hopefully a harmony of feeling and intention. You might at this time feel pulled in different directions as you explore new intellectual horizons from the standpoint of what it does for you spiritually. All this is complicated somewhat by the proximity of the Mercury retrograde period of time that begins a few days later on Saturday, April 17th, in your sector of home and family, and your psychological roots. You could in fact find yourself rethinking your approach to all these things. This Mercury retrograde period lasts until mid-May or even beyond when you take the two weeks of the retrograde shadow into account and its highlights will be the 17th, the 28th, and May 11th. This is a great time for remodel or for rearranging your living space, and you might discover that your family ties and your psychological perceptions are rearranging themselves in some fashion as well. The Full Moon of Wednesday, April 28th, is one crux of this time of thought-provoking inquiry. The most important use of this period potentially lies in doing some deep thinking about the bases for your security, both physical and financial, as a facet of your spiritual purpose.

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