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Aug 23 - Sep 15

February Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

Another day is dawning, Aquarius, and this time there's plenty of heat but not quite enough light. A new beginning for you in this your birthday time of the year turns out to be something of a mixed blessing, since although you have the impulse to forge ahead right now and make the most of it, you might find yourself hesitating in your forward momentum. You could blame it on the complexity of what you are trying to accomplish. There is an amalgam that you seek made of outer necessity and inner desire, of cheerful compliance with the powers that be and yet soul-level attunement to what makes your heart sing and you won't be satisfied with substitutes. Compassion for yourself and for the state of the world demands no less.

As the month begins, you are struggling to find yourself in spite of an embarrassment of riches in the form of blazing self-confidence and determination. The powerful New Moon in your sign from the last ten days of January was also in aspect to both your traditional ruler, namely Saturn, and the modern ruler of your sign as well, Uranus, with Jupiter aspecting both placements. You not only have tons of energy but also the support of family and friends to keep you going. Your communication outreach is heartfelt and even authoritative, and your dedication to your ideals is strong, although you are also perhaps attempting to define what this means more precisely in the light of recent experience. In experiencing the recent Quarter Moon in your home and family sector, you have found yourself in a mixed state that represents a compromise between prudent caution and the full-on optimism of your earlier conception. There is a sober-minded reassessment happening now and over the remainder of the month that, depending on your point of view, either puts out your fires or else grounds your dreaming into a more concrete and realizable form. You really need go with your gut on this, and trust to your inner guidance. The success that you seek will not be granted in terms that the eyes of the world can easily acknowledge; it may be that only from the inner perspective of soul-level purpose will the ring of truth be recognized. The Full Moon that comes along on Tuesday, February 7th, provides you with a sense of balance and greater integration. You are more open to the input that you receive from others now, and important partners can thus provide not only a useful sounding board for you own ideas but also contribute another side from their perspective. With Neptune now in Pisces and with Saturn standing still in the sky, the amalgam of sense and nonsense regarding what you are up to is complex and tricky; of course what is actually sense can indeed seem like nonsense in the eyes of the world, and vice-versa. Your finances and your values are subject to this two-sided view of what is going on, and you must find a way to choose between these logically incommensurable possibilities. With the advent of the Last Quarter Moon on Tuesday, February 14th, Valentine's Day, you are putting this contrast to an even greater test. It might be that you are on the point of giving up on something precious or else that you are finally coming to your senses and you will have to choose. One clue here is that you already know the answer inside and have only to come to a better understanding of what your deep intuition is prompting you to go with. In order to find out, separate from other voices, you might need to conduct a tea ceremony with just one participant, yourself. The New Moon takes place a week later, on Tuesday, February 21st, in your resources sector, and while there is more energy available to you now, the net result might be that rather than the concrete answers you habitually seek it will lead you instead to further questions.

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