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Aug 23 - Sep 15

September Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Aries Aries Horoscope (March 21 - April 19)
Cardinal Fire. Your ruling planet is Mars.

You are still in the midst of transformation, Aries, and it only grows more profound over time. You are fully exploring your own path these days, attempting to discern how and why you can handle that in concert with societys somewhat contradictory goals and strictures. Meanwhile, and especially this month, you are responding to concepts of service to others and to the surrounding collective that seem to emanate directly from your higher self. You are called to greater participation in the life of your community, with the understanding that partnership goes far toward establishing yourself in a way that benefits both societal and individual needs. You are striving now to both belong to something larger than yourself and to flourish in your own unique individuality.

As the month begins, you are reflecting on who you are and who you might yet become. This last gasp of summer has been a terrific period for introspection of all kinds and will likely remain so, at least until Mercury regains its lost Zodiacal longitude on September 9th. You are thus very much still a work in progress as the seasons shift and what is more you are beginning to acknowledge it. There is a deep intuitional understanding that is part of your makeup right now, and which is also paradoxically an unknowing, at least insofar as what is known in the eyes of the world. You have perhaps gone from being one of those who knows not, and knows not that they know not to the wiser one who can acknowledge that they know not and know that they know not, which is an altogether safer position. With all this insight comes also a fuzziness regarding who exactly you are to be when and if ever you do eventually grow up, and who you are prepared to gift and to benefit from as you take each other with you along the way. There has been lately a degree of uncertainty regarding the influence on your own concerns and values of significant partners in your life, and that issue too is likely to be a factor in your meditations over the first part of this monthly cycle. With the First Quarter Moon of Sunday, September 4th, you come to a potential crisis of action and of meaning. This is a time when conflicts could arise, and when you are striving to find the right way to look at what is transpiring for you, or how to put what you are currently up to in the right perspective. Partners are important to you now, as an adjunct to your own process. This is a powerful time to connect with relationship partners more fully, and to sort out what is yours in compromise with others, versus what is yours and yours alone. The Full Moon a week later, taking place early Monday morning, September 12th, is another powerful crossroad in time when issues of self and other are likely to emerge, and when spiritually based insights present themselves to you in perhaps subtle ways, giving you opportunities for dealing with them. Epiphanies abound during this week, which leads you from the purely personal to the universal. Your concern to find a psychologically valid home base for yourself morphs into something more like an intrinsic sense of security that does not require a physical means to that end. The Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, September 20th, represents a time of reassessment, when many factors in your reaction to events become clearer as you mull over the preceding three weeks of the lunar cycle. You are finding your ego involvement is still active, although subdued and merged with a more actively spiritual approach. The Fall Equinox a few days later, taking place on Friday the 23rd, is magical for you, and speaks to you as always of the power of partnership in shaping your life, almost in spite of yourself.

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