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Aug 23 - Sep 15

January Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Aries Aries Horoscope (March 21 - April 19)
Cardinal Fire. Your ruling planet is Mars.

This is a powerful month for you Aries, heading into a potent New Year when many things in your life will alter, and when business as usual is out the window in favor of right livelihood. As long as you can keep your wits about you then your luck is definitely flowing. You begin the year well and how you end is strictly up to you and what more really can you ask? A potentially feisty period could confound you toward month’s end and into February but your days of difficulty and struggle are limited as long as you adhere to the simple maxim of allowing grace to enter. You win by seeing deeply enough into what is actually happening so as to discern the direction that the universe is asking you to go, and then choosing to go that way.

As the month begins, you are feeling extremely energized, riding the wave of the recent Christmas Eve New Moon in your sector of career and professional life, while experiencing as well the tension in your process implied by the First Quarter Moon in your sign that reaches its moment of exact square late on New Year’s Eve in the Western half of the country, or else during the early morning hours of New Year’s Day. This emphasizes quirky and enlightening Uranus in your sign and in direct motion now, and also the radically transformative energy of Pluto in your tenth sector. The year of 2012 has finally dawned, with the promise of further dramatic change, and you might therefore feel both optimistic and full of the fear of the unknown. You are lured toward a positive and a socially committed approach right now in the turning of this special year. There will undoubtedly be trials and tests of character. Your ruler, Mars, retrogrades later this month, a somewhat unusual event, and one that lasts several months, into mid-April. Mars in retrograde implies an inward turning. This entire first third of the year will therefore be a time of great internal reflection for you especially since Neptune changes signs as well during this period, entering your sector of dream imagination, where it feels right at home, and where it stirs subtle and sensitive perceptions of other-dimensional realities running in parallel with the more obvious mundane world. Then, too, Uranus becomes even more active during the first half of the year, moving further into your sign and making its first exact square with Pluto on June 24th. Thus these first six months of the year of 2012 will bring even more changes and challenges than the last half of the previous one. You win by taking the best forward-looking angle on unfolding events and putting your faith in what the universe has to offer you, without pre-judgment. The fact is that this year will be one of mixed blessings, as much of the existing ways and habitual patterns will need to be abandoned in order to make room for what is both new and necessary for continued growth. All these future configurations are encapsulated and pointed to by the very powerful Full Moon of late Sunday evening, January 8th which touches on both the revolutionary ardor of Uranus-Pluto and the testing and self-reflection represented by the presence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in your sector of deep internal process. You find yourself in a very optimistic and forward-looking place right now, which you can use to fortify your strength as you tackle some of the tougher issues that you must deal with internally in order that you might move yourself toward greater integration and fulfillment. There are very likely habitual patterns of behavior that have held you back somewhat in the past, and that you are ready now to outgrow, and these must be acknowledged and your seeming flaws accepted at the deepest possible level in order for you to move forward. The Last Quarter Moon of Monday, January 16th, represents a time for reflection on these issues, as well as perhaps a period of relative tension as you work them out in the contest of whatever seems to stand directly in your way as you do so. Close inter-personal relationships might also be affected by these. You are taking a thoughtful stance on these matters at this time that will serve you well in the interesting and fairly intense weeks that follow. With the New Moon of Sunday evening, January 22nd you reach an interesting plateau, which also represents a springboard for further leaps of consciousness. In one way you are extremely energized and enthused about future directions, which have a terrific chance of escaping the grip of the past, representing an entirely necessary departure. In another you are still somewhat held back by the past, as symbolized by the pending retrograde of your ruler Mars on the very next day. You are moving forward at this time in a rapid way of thought but with a slowness of action that permits of careful planning and consideration that can serve you well as you ponder all that has gone before this moment in time and all that will come after it. The final week of the month kicks off an interesting and thoughtful time period. The Mars retrograde lasts until mid-April, and will represent a time for meditation and reflection on where you are heading with your life, and how you might use your energies for the highest good. You are thinking of not only yourself right now, but of the surrounding collective, and this is what you must do in order that you truly move ahead with what you are, at the most fundamental level, all about.

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