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Aug 23 - Sep 15

August Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Cancer Cancer Horoscope (June 21 - July 22)
Cardinal Water. Your ruling planet is The Moon.

You are redefining your values this month, Cancer, and your feeling for what it means to be alive on this earth. Current events have rocked your world, including your feelings toward family and tribe. Significant relationships in your life are also subject to abrupt alteration. What was a steady reliance on a way of life that you could always count on seems far less a sure thing and the only career factor that shines forth for you is the need for continual and sometimes even drastic change. This does not necessarily imply a new career or even a new job, but perhaps an entirely different way of looking at the existing one. You might be in the process of asking yourself to what extent does your career and professional life serve your soul development, rather than the reverse.

As the month begins, you are feeling your way forward in spite of the obstacles to understanding that have been thrown up by recent events. Every experience, even the most difficult, gives you plenty of information about where you are currently in your arc of development when you look at it through the lens of spiritual growth, which many would call the real reason for being here. The New Moon of July 30th from the last weekend of the previous month likely provided a welcome flood of fresh energy and a release from quite so dire an attitude, although your changes are still definitely coming down. As is so for the child being carried screaming to bed or the next activity, it goes better when you accept the transition and cease holding on quite so tightly to the rungs of the banister. The station of Mercury taking place on Tuesday, August 2nd, in your communication sector presents you with an introspective rather than an extraverted grasp of events, so that rather than reaching out to others you are turning within. This entire month is an excellent time to journal and to dwell on the transformation of your life that you have already seen and, as far as you are able to discern it, what might be still to come. The remainder of the week provides surprising insights into your situation and with respect to home and family concerns. The crossroad comes with the First Quarter Moon of Saturday, August 13th, when you are drawn to action but when the action also might be stifled by practical limitations. There is also the presence of the Mercury retrograde period to consider, which is by now well-established. For the entire month of August, and on into the first ten days of the following month, it is not considered a good time to push the river or to move ahead with completely novel ideas or departures from an established plan. Ideas conceived and acted on during the time of the retrograde will likely be reconsidered afterwards, by mid-September. This is also a slightly contentious time, when reactivity – either your own or others around you – could run high. It is good to remember to breathe, and to thoroughly investigate the underlying reason for being upset, which could turn out to be your own and not another’s issue. With the Aquarius Full Moon of Saturday, August 13th, things could mellow out a bit although tensions are still high. You are seeking a point of balance in the energies of self and other. Important areas of your life, including relationship dynamics, are in definite flux at this time, leading to radical transformation. Perhaps you can recognize behaviors that you are finally ready to shuck, in favor of an approach more consistent with where you are currently at in your present stage of personal evolution. With the Last Quarter Moon of the following weekend, taking place on Sunday, August 21st, you give yourself a chance to slow down and reflect on the changes and challenges that have come up for you over these last three weeks, and on the information that can be extracted by careful consideration of the deepest level of your motivation. This has been perhaps a very confusing space of time, but one that is rich in new understanding. What wisdom you have gleaned becomes a seed for the next cycle, kicked off by the Virgo New Moon of August 28th, when you will be able to open still further to the mysterious process of the death and rebirth of the outmoded and worn out parts of yourself that have been more than ready for revitalization.

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