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Aug 23 - Sep 15

May Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

Fluctuation has by now become the norm for you, Capricorn. Although the great mystery is how far they will take you, you are getting use to the tides of change and even developing your sea-legs. Perspectives keep shifting and this affects your own self-concept as well as the story you tell yourself regarding personal creativity. An even greater transformation is just around the corner, signaling a new turning point that takes private and public concerns into a larger integration. By month's end your home environment will be reborn in some way that honors inner priorities over external ones. Significant partners in your life participate in a complex tuning of soul-purpose and physical world intention as these join together in greater coherence and almost musical harmony.

As the month begins, you are engaged in a process of revising your self-concept. You are still in the midst of on-going changes that are simultaneously more natural and more far-reaching than you have allowed yourself to imagine. The next round is just around the corner, coming at the end of the month when Uranus enters Aries and your sector of home and family. This accelerates a creative instability at the very core of your being; the good news is that it will blast you out of any potential rut in which you might otherwise remain trapped. These coming changes are presaged in the present set of circumstances that you find yourself reacting to, as Uranus continues to oppose your ruler, Saturn. Meanwhile, Mercury retrogrades through Taurus where it has the effect of bringing inner experience closer to the outer layers of your awareness. The Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, May 5th, has the effect of exacerbating this awareness at least temporarily, since the old lunar cycle that is dying leaves behind a few gems of wisdom in its wake. This is a time when you might feel a degree of tension in your process as you attempt to sort out the wheat from the chaff regarding your recent experiences. New ideas for what you intend to be when you grow up might be coming to you fast and furious, but they should be taken more lightly than earnestly at this time, since Mercury is in retrograde until the 11th and then recovering for another two weeks after that. The New Moon that takes place on Thursday, May 13th, provides you with plenty of fresh insights and energy, although with also the possibility of contentiousness resulting from a pace of change that is rather too fast for you to handle easily. You can drag your heels for the moment but any way that you can get on top of a rapidly shifting worldview puts you ahead of the game for when the pace quickens even more over the next few weeks and months. Your understanding of what is going on around you and within you is definitely a moving target for you right now. These quickenings of awareness do not necessarily connote an actual change in the work you do or the plans that you concretely make, but everything looks different by the time you fully assimilate them. The First Quarter Moon that follows a week later, taking place on Thursday, May 20th, and that represents in-flight adjustments to what is only just beginning to dawn at the earlier time, might prove to be a confusing time for you. Something magical is trying to be born deep inside you, perhaps a new way of being in the world, perhaps only a new way of seeing family and loved ones, and your tribal connections also. The Full Moon in the last week of the month, taking place on Thursday, May 27th, represents a fuller flowering of these nascent feelings, and segues into an extremely powerful summer.

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