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Aug 23 - Sep 15

June Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

You are both outer and inner oriented right now, Capricorn. The information comes over you in waves and can be entirely confusing, or else ignored, and then seems to recede once again into non-awareness. While you are firmly in the saddle you are out there rising so successfully and so far ahead of the pack that it might tend to get a little lonely. But inside you feel stirrings of a vastly different nature that can alert you to more radical changes still to come. This year and next represent a huge changing of the guard that ultimately serves your own best interest although it might not seem that way in the turbulence of going over the waterfall. These next few weeks of summer are the doorway into a new world.

As the month begins, you are feeling strongly the various pressures on you, both societal and internal, that push you toward outer world achievement and personal self-development. You are drawing on the abundant energy of the cosmos to assert yourself in a manner that is more fully in line with your highest purpose, visioning your way forward into greater understanding of what you came into this lifetime to accomplish. This involves a great deal of idealistic thinking and re-thinking of your position, along with profound transformation for you in your self-concept. You might feel as though your very identity was at stake, as indeed it is. This is not so dire, however, and can come to be recognized as more like the cycles of the breath, in and out, in and out, since constant change is the normal process of the flow of life within you; no way to stop it unless everything stops. At the deepest possible level, this is what is meant by the profound possibility represented by the New Moon and Solar Eclipse taking place on the very first day of the month in your sector of discipleship to your Higher Self. You are quite busy with the normal everyday business of life in this fast-lane society, metaphorically chopping wood and drawing water, and making the wheels turn. And yet there is a sense of the more universal part of your path at this time and what that deeper meaning for your life might be able to speak to. You can investigate this part of your psyche at any time you wish by finding a quiet place and dialoguing directly with it – asking of this largely unconscious part of yourself just what it has to tell you about your life journey and its more profound ramifications. The First Quarter Moon of Wednesday, June 8th, provides additional clues as you attempt to discern what part of the current impulse that you carry forward from the time of the New Moon is truly viable. Your mystical inner depths convey more relevant information in this regard than the comings and going of the outer world. You are facing a basic instability at the very core of your being and although this is productive of necessary change it can also be disconcerting. The Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon that comes along a week later, taking place on Wednesday, June 15th, provides an opportunity to rest in balance between the energies of mystical and future-oriented forward movement and those of your more conservative set of reservations. Your ruler Saturn has changed into direct motion now, and this provides some advantages toward allowing you to straighten out your path in the requisite direction. Remember to think with your heart as well as your mental apparatus and all will be truly well. The Summer Solstice of Tuesday, June 21st, is a magical time period for you, when significant partners come more fully into the picture, hopefully as an aid to your own somewhat fractured thought process. With the Last Quarter Moon of Thursday, June 23rd, you are looking backward as well as forward, seeing the future in the light of the past and all its successes as well as its failures. You are called once more to the very depths of your being as you make these determinations, and acknowledging the wisdom that you find within yourself might be more than half the battle.

June 2023
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