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Aug 23 - Sep 15

Current Configurations

by Henry Seltzer


June 4th Last Quarter Moon Last Quarter Moon Chart
This is traditionally a time of reassessment. The impulse that arose from the recent New Moon of mid-May has had its chance to work itself out and something was gained and something lost in the process. Now the seeds are being planted for the next cycle. There could also be a moment of tension that arises now, for everyone, as they attempt to understand what has already transpired in their lives. In fact, since this configuration also includes several heavy squares and oppositions among the outer planets and Mars, polarization abounds, and the need for a better fusion is extremely poignant. Because this Last Quarter Moon represents the contrast between Gemini and Pisces, or thought and feeling, the synthesis called for does not easily find its resolution.

June 12th New Moon New Moon Chart
This is a dynamic New Moon not so much from the aspects that it makes to other planets but because of everything else that's going on. Jupiter has joined Uranus at the very beginning of Aries, and emphasizes the square that Uranus is currently making with Pluto, raising it to a fever pitch. Mars in early Virgo, aspected by the New Moon, also aspects this configuration, trining Pluto, and opposing Chiron in Pisces and also Neptune in the final degrees of Aquarius. Mars with Pluto spells action, vigorous and potentially violent. Tempers might easily flare. Saturn opposes Uranus, emphasizing schism. Offsetting all the tension, Neptune in Aquarius, strongly aspected by Venus and Saturn, encourages us to use our compassion and our wits to find a way past the polarities of the moment. Nevertheless, the likelihood is that the strain from environmental disaster and the economic chaos of these post-crash years will be more intense than ever, both for society and in our own lives, personally. What to do? It helps to remember that we are here to learn and to evolve, and that nothing spurs our personal evolution faster than the pressure of fast-paced events. This is an excellent time for meditation and relaxation, and for ritual that envisions a more productive world in the making.

June 18th First Quarter Moon First Quarter Moon Chart
This is traditionally a time of minor crisis, of seeing what part of the impulse from the New Moon is truly viable. The tension of the square between Sun and Moon makes itself felt, and adds to the inherent tension in this month's configurations. Since the Moon also conjuncts Saturn, its opposition to Uranus receives the triggering accent of this quarter Moon. Saturn opposed to Uranus represents the old versus the new and evolving. Of course, there is knee-jerk resistance to change, and of course, change is upon us. We must try to embrace the revolution that is taking place in our collective situation, taking the best of what it has to offer, while still holding on to what we can of the past. But what we cannot hold onto, we are encouraged to release gracefully. This is an excellent time to journal and to continue to hold space for better solutions to manifest.

June 21st Summer Solstice SS
As the Sun enters Cancer it forms a Grand Cross with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. This highlights and greatly emphasizes all the squares and oppositions described earlier in the month. The Moon simultaneously enters emotional Scorpio and makes a Grand trine with the Sun and Chiron. This is another important configuration of this dynamic month, and another excellent opportunity for ritual and for allowing ourselves just to breathe.

June 26th Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Chart
Once again, this configuration is an extremely strong one. The Moon conjuncts Pluto almost exactly. Saturn moves closer to its opposition with Uranus, and its square with Pluto, as Uranus prepares to station in early July. Jupiter continues to amp up the powerful T-square. Since this Full Moon is also an eclipse, the effects are said to be more influential and also longer lasting. This final weekend of June therefore represents another stage in the kickoff of potent events leading up to 2012. With the North Node in Capricorn, near Pluto, the idea is to use our powers of observation and of social action to make things better rather than to tear them down further. It's time for us as a society and individually to begin to recognize the fix that we are in and make a concerted effort to change it for the better. As Ben Franklyn - representing the revolutionary fathers - once said, "If we do not hang together now we shall surely all hang separately." Circumstances have changed, but the same applies today.

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