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Aug 23 - Sep 15

January Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Gemini Gemini Horoscope (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

This is a year for forging new territory, Gemini, and right now you are making the important mental leap that precedes breakthrough. During the first part of January the New Moon pulls you forward into new versions of yourself by the circuitous route of your intimate connections with others. Then the last ten days of January are profound for you, as you engage in spiritual explorations of your soul center. Your ruler Mercury will be retrograde from the end of January for three weeks or more. You are gathering your energies, through at least the end of February, for pushing off into the strangely familiar unknown.

As the month and the year begins, you are strangely preoccupied and yet quite comfortable as well with the challenges that are being thrust upon you. Your way of thinking about your situation is going through a turn-about over the course of this monthly period, and you might as well just relax and go with the flow. With the New Moon of the second week of the month, taking place on Tuesday, January 8th, in your intimacy sector, you are moving through some big emotions and transforming at the core of your personality. There is epiphany in the air for you right now, a brand new way of looking at the day that releases you from the past. It is an exciting prospect, but one that you perhaps cannot fully embrace, since also the weight of prior circumstance sits heavily with you during this period. This both holds you back from flying too high and helps in providing a solid anchor for your emotions. The First Quarter Moon of a week later, on the 15th, is emblematic of this dilemma; you may feel somewhat stuck at this time. You do best when you keep feeling for your inner guidance and witness all your experiences with as little reactivity as possible. The Full Moon another week later, taking place on Tuesday, January 22nd, brings everything to a head in some ways, and represents another turning point. Your ruler Mercury is slowing down to begin its retrograde period in your sector of higher mind, and consorting with Neptune as well, so that new ideas come into your thought stream. Starry-eyed idealism as well and even illusions, all are possible. As you go through the last ten days of the month, this energy gets stronger. Mercury retrogrades on the 28th, with the Last Quarter Mon taking place on the 29th. Mars returns to direct motion in your sign on the 30th. During the next several weeks, lasting through the end of February, you want to keep in mind the possibility for deception as well as for greater contact with the numinous energies of cosmic awareness within you. You ignore their voices at your peril, since these have been an important part of your deeper self all this time, and seek their outlet.

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