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June Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Gemini Gemini Horoscope (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

Your sails are set to catch the moving air and fly, Gemini. You are rolling with the punches and creatively engaging the wild currents and the sudden shifts in wind direction. This is an absolutely beautiful period of time for you if you look at it right. Profound change still arises for you to contend with. There are old patterns threatening to pull you backwards and it's all very confusing. Plus, relationship continues to present you with a moving target and a poignant one at that. But in contrast to these difficulties, you have major ideas on the front burner, perhaps the best ones you've ever had, and the time is right for making your move. If you go with the gusto of the moment you'll never regret it.

As the month begins, you are feeling the excitement in the air from the momentum provided by Uranus egged on by Jupiter coming into your sector of goals and opportunities. You are very likely at this time to be thinking big; and not just thinking but doing. Your future plans are taking a sudden right turn and then straight on till morning. Meanwhile you are also somewhat internal in this first week of the month as well, since your ruler Mercury still occupies your sector of dreams and sensitive inner process. The Last Quarter Moon of Friday, June 4th, that punctuates this period of time finds you all over the psychological map, since outer world and inner, public and private selves are engaged. There could be a modicum of tension in your process right now regarding what you consider your work in the world, and also some degree of confusion there as well. You are not sure which way to turn, which is only natural. The truth is that as much as the more mundane aspects of social existence, Spirit accompanies your steps these days and you do well to remember and adjust for this factor. The New Moon of Saturday, June 12th, in your sign shows every indicator that in any case you will be coming out of your cocoon in style. This is a very active time for you, and a time when the future blazes bright on the screen of your internal viewpoint. You have large vision right now, and ideas are coming fast and furious that could last you for many months of carrying them out. Partners may be instrumental right now in helping you to formulate your plans. You also have some serious business to conduct within the confines of your own soul, ways that you need to evolve, both spiritually and practically. Perhaps a series of events over the past two months or so have given you some inside information regarding old and outmoded patterns of behavior that you now are finally willing to shuck, and which could come to a head at this time. If there is some discomfort surrounding these types of insights, it helps to remember that nothing that is worthwhile comes easily and that half the battle lies in recognizing how these patterns arise and somehow come to dominate your activity. The First Quarter Moon that takes place a week later, on Friday, June 18th, might serve to push some of these ideas further forward into consciousness. This punctuates a period of time when you are sensing both the semi-illusory ideals and also the inherent limitations in your dreams and schemes. You are sailing along these days with the wind behind you, and the prospect of some very big changes within your psychic spaces on the horizon, and there is bound to be some rough water to contend with. The final weekend of the month presents you with a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, taking place on Saturday, June 26th, in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution. This potent configuration represents the flowering of all that has come before it in this monthly cycle, and one fulfillment of your mandate for change. This is an intense moment for you. It could be relatively easy if you have been doing your homework and cleaning up as you went along, or else more difficult. You must accept that the freighter bearing the cargo of your former self has already left the dock. Embrace the changes that the universe is providing and they will in turn embrace you.

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