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Aug 23 - Sep 15

November Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Gemini Gemini Horoscope (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

This is yet another powerful month for you, Gemini. You are finding new wrinkles on old issues that illuminate relationships of all kinds and how they manifest. This goes far beyond the simple surface layers of your psyche. A new sense of comfort and security is becoming possible for you; one that redefines your very self-expression and that does not lean on any ones opinion but your own. This affects everything, especially relationship in your life, as well as home and family commitments and the way you actualize in the public sphere including career agendas and future plans. The circumstances that surround your present journey have the ultimate effect of kindling within you the next phase of your ongoing encounter with Spirit, working itself out in your life.

As the month begins, your theme lies in actively seeking a greater level of integration. You are very expressive now, both artistically and socially. You are combining spiritual soul-growth with your natural communication skills, and security concerns or even psychological explorations at the deepest possible level with the more obvious and superficial forms of normalized presentation. The energy from the recent New Moon in your sector of day-to-day experience and your path to future growth gives you increased energy for personal development of all kinds, while a strong sense of intuition pervades your thoughts and gives you a sense of a new a different type of future life that you might be somehow enabled to uncover for yourself. It is a powerful time to be writing or otherwise communicating your thoughts to others, as a way of making them more concretely available to yourself also. You can achieve this by simply journaling and blogging about them. Its a powerful time for you; there is a massive degree of metal process going on beneath the surface and a great deal of heart process as well. With the First Quarter Moon of Wednesday, November 2nd, you might hit a few snags in the road of your progress, although amazing intuitional intelligence continues to inspire you toward a more vibrant future. You could encounter conflicting points of view, or old patterns of relationship could arise to haunt you until you acknowledge and move past these remnants of an earlier time. Relationship with others plays a greater role in your life in general right now, and this applies to partnerships of all kinds including business linkages. Not everything that you conceive can be truly viable and this phase of the cycle helps you to sort out what does and doesnt work for you, with a little help from your friends. The Full Moon of the following week, taking place on Thursday, November 10th, represents a sorely needed balance point in the midst of a somewhat difficult fall season. Spiritual solutions present themselves and might turn out in the end to be the only ones that are truly available for you long-term. You are delving deep inside yourself at this time to keep pace with internal developments that match those in the more surface layers of your psyche. With the Last Quarter Moon of Friday, November 18th, you have come to another important crossroad, when partnership interaction becomes an important factor in promoting your own growth in awareness regarding what you are in fact up to. In this part of the lunar cycle you are in fact attempting to sort out what has actually transpired over the past three weeks. Mulling over these events might prove to be extremely profitable for you at this time, and writing down your ideas or relating them to significant others in your life becomes a valuable addition to your own introspective process. These themes are likely to be continued into December. The Solar Eclipse and New Moon of the following week, taking place in your relationship sector on Thursday, November 24th, is accompanied by the retrograde of your ruler, Mercury, so that the following month represents another very inner-oriented time for you when much that is now cloudy could become more clear, especially from the standpoint of your inner eye.

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