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Aug 23 - Sep 15

December Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Leo Leo Horoscope (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is The Sun.

This is a time of great insight and change, Leo, even as you revel in the here and now. You are a little full of yourself, but in a good way. This end-of-year period is a spiritual as well as a material season for you, one in which your fundamental understanding is sure to take unexpected leaps. You are coming into who you really are, getting to know yourself in some ways for the very first time, at least in terms of your present level of personal evolution. While feeling the great good fortune of how you are currently situated regarding career, which will only improve in 2012, you are still far from satisfied. You are instead using that realization as a springboard for further growth and development where it really counts.

As the month begins, you are feeling the shifting tides of your rapidly evolving worldview and your quest for more intimate connection with yourself as well as others. Through all of it, luck is running your way even when it doesnt seem like it. You are riding a wave of energy for self-development and self-definition that has you moving ahead with your life even as you look more deeply behind the scenes of this same forward motion. Its a mystical contract between you and the universe: the universe moves you forward and you in turn promise to pay attention as it does so. With the First Quarter Moon of late Thursday night, December 1st, and early Friday morning, you could discover some of these issues coming to a head. This is a time of relative tension in your process, when the rubber meets the road in terms of facing up to inherent limitations in your plans. You are finding traction although it does not come entirely easily, and see the plusses more than the minus side of what you are about, which definitely helps. As you look more deeply into what is going on for you right now, you inevitably will see the consequences of your conditioning and even of early inner wounding as factors which inhibit your free-flowing ability to deeply connect with others. Although you are tempted to avoid these realizations you do much better not to close your eyes to them, but rather to accept these flaws within your psyche, so that you might be able to move past them. Its not after all like you were the only one to ever suffer from these types of issues, although at times it might feel this way. The Full Moon taking place on a week later, on Saturday, December 10th, is also a Lunar Eclipse and therefore more powerful. You are guided at this time in a direction opposed to the dictates of consensus thinking, toward what your soul might truly want to see manifesting in your life. The paradox of this situation is that you know full well what that is, from the inside, even though you seem to behave and evaluate differently from the perspective of strictly the surface part of your mind. The Last Quarter Moon of Saturday, December 17th, brings you to an even more thoughtful space than the preceding three weeks of this cycle. Mercury is now direct, although just barely, and still regaining its lost Zodiacal ground. You are still therefore in a meditative mode, also enhanced by this late phase of the lunation, when your natural tendency is to evaluate and reflect on what has come before. This is a mystical and mysterious and very sacred time as you deal with inherent limitations as gracefully as possible, and as both the Winter Solstice and the major Western holiday time fast approaches. The New Moon of Saturday, December 24th, Christmas Eve, provides you with new energy for the transformational cycle that you find yourself in, along with a fresh impetus for finding your own road forward in a way that is consistent with what Spirit is truly asking of you.

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