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March Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Leo Leo Horoscope (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is The Sun.

This is the first month of the rest of your life, Leo. The mystical adventure keeps expanding and yet remains at the same time unbelievably simple. Though ups and downs you are rethinking financially and in terms of higher mind activities and interpersonal ones also. Service to the larger collective has become your mantra. You are challenged to put your entire heart and soul on the line for what you most deeply believe in; and the good news is that there is no lack of motivation – it is vital that you do so for the sake of your future. You are searching for the one thing that really counts and then praying for the courage to recognize it, and to act on it as though nothing else in all your life mattered.

As the month begins, you are staying with the beat of the physical world but somewhere deep inside you are far away. You feel as though you were embarking on a vitally important spiritual journey and right, in some sense you are. The unfolding petals of your life have reached a blossoming point of focus now, and yet that focus is perhaps more of an un-focus with Neptune so prominent in your Solar Chart, and with Mercury about to retrograde on the 12th in your sector of higher mind. There is a powerful connection now between inner and outer, since Neptune and the triggering New Moon of last February 21st are located in the sector of personal evolution and of intimate connection, both with others around you and within your very own psyche, mind and heart. The numinous is therefore incredibly close to you as this monthly cycle unwinds, and realizations flow to you by the dozens. It is a powerful time, and one that eschews the concerns of the so-called “real” world, although that practical world is also very much present to you as well, and serves you in its own way, as grounding and stability in the face of massive change. You are this month busily reevaluating what you need in order to survive and equally the way that you visualize success and indeed all aspects of the world around you. You are opening to a more internal perspective. Inner and outer are after all two sides of the same coin, and they so inform and nourish each other that each is a necessary component of the other. What you get from this inner perspective is a sense of knowing does not come from received conditioning or consensus thought forms and is for that reason extremely valuable. This is so, especially as you continue to evolve your way forward into a meaningful way of interaction with the world around you. The Full Moon that comes on Thursday, March 8th, brings you to a plateau of understanding and puts the icing on the cake of some of these views and meanderings. There could easily be surprises as well as surprising realizations. This is a fruitful time, and taking into account the looming retrograde of Mercury, productive of much insight into the underlying mechanism of it all. You feel a strong connection to the entire natural environment and as well to the world of commerce and communicative interaction with your fellow beings. With the Last Quarter Moon on Wednesday, March 14th, you are entering a more reflective and optimistic time which is also one of self-examination and of seizing your power. This is traditionally a period spent in summing up everything that has come to your attention over the recent three weeks of the lunar cycle, and, with Mercury now retrograde, a time as well of re-visioning these events in some way. “There’s nothing either good or bad,” says the Bard, “but thinking makes it so,” and you are busily reconstituting your world in this way, for better or for worse. It is equally true that every difficult situation, when thoroughly examined, has its benefits; and oftentimes you do not even have to look very hard to find them. When the New Moon hits, on Thursday, March 22nd, it brings juicy energy to your process of more completely imagining your personal universe, and refashioning it nearer to your heart’s true desire. In spite of mental and psychological concerns, in spite of everything, you are granting yourself more and more power to seize the mystical side of your existence and fully incorporate it into a better integrated and more expansive sense of self.

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