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Aug 23 - Sep 15

December Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Libra Libra Horoscope (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

It's been difficult, Libra. You are working through some very important issues lately. The subject of money is on the table for sure, but above and beyond that there is the concept of what makes you safe. Last month you began with a crucial first step; rather than pursuing only what normal consensus thinking would recognize, you are seeking the basis of your security in terms of visionary self-expression and radical creativity. Lightening bolts of newfound awareness are burning off the mist of foggy notions of what doesn't make you tick. Now you are set to begin to discover what does.

As the month begins, you are feeling the pinch of circumstances brought on by financial and logistical issues you are currently experiencing. An essentially artistic tendency that you have right now tends to minimize the practical concerns. There is a struggle going on inside you between the ideal and the real, and it seems at times as though reality was winning. But nothing is as simple as it seems. There are lessons in difficult circumstances that build character, and character is the true gold of your existence. Of course it is also important to not be taken in by illusion, so that finding the right mix is a delicate exercise that is ongoing. At the time of the Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, December 8th, you are balancing these perspectives and more as you continue to make plans for a more vibrant and heartful engagement with the world around you. There might be a few snags in working things out at this time but also the wisdom to sort out what really counts. Communication is important for you right now, as articulating your ideas gives them currency. This is even truer with the New Moon of the following week, taking place on Wednesday, December 16th, in your communications sector. The opinions of others are strong at times, but also extremely valuable to you right now, especially if you can accept what is valid for your own process and let the rest go by. This is an important fresh start for you in your struggle to accommodate all kinds of input, including that from your own deep center, the keel and stability of your own arc of development, as you maneuver to keep your ship on course. With the advent of the weekend of December 19th and the Winter Solstice a few days later on Monday the 21st, you are deeply involved in finding your own precise perspective on major changes that you are going through. Forward momentum may be less important now than getting it right for the sake of the future. You are exploring all your possibilities, and weighing the result, and fantasy counts almost as much as the doable. As well as allowing your mind to take fantastic leaps, you may need to exercise caution but you have that also in abundant supply. During the last week of the year, beginning with the First Quarter Moon of Thursday, December 24th, all these ideas come to a head. You are definitely going through quite a lot of soul-searching at this time, as you seek to redefine yourself in some way. A difficult passage climaxes in the Full Moon eclipse of New Years Eve, Thursday December 31st. This entire end-of-year time is a soul-defining effort, and yet also packs a lot of joy into the notion that things can truly change for you. It is good of course to also be aware that nothing changes without a struggle. This is a joyous battle however, one in which you are lured on by the promise of a brighter tomorrow on the other side of this particular rainbow.

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