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Aug 23 - Sep 15

December Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Libra Libra Horoscope (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is once again a powerful month for you, Libra. You are wrestling with issues that are difficult to pin down and define, but which definitely have to do with forging new ground with important partners. You are intent on finding a basis for security that, while it enables you to merge with others and allow for their point of view, is not dependent on that. Communication is key, both in getting yourself across to others and in taking in their information, which ultimately serves to enhance your own process of awareness and growth. You are seeking innovative ways to combine your various possibilities and even finding them. Home life and concepts of intimacy are transformed along the way especially when you can free yourself from any sense of expectation regarding outcome.

As the month begins, you are sorting through what might seem to be almost too much information regarding future direction. Many concepts present themselves to you now, some coming in the form of ideas from helpful partners that you are challenged to integrate with your own. There is a bit of confusion as well as the determination to reformulate your most basic principles along the lines that your heart feels comfortable with and truly good about. Mercury is also retrograde at this time in your communications sector, where also the recent New Moon and eclipse gave you extra potency. You are spending loads of time thinking and re-thinking these issues, and perhaps coming to a new determination of where your most important priorities lie. With the First Quarter Moon of late Thursday night, December 1st, and early Friday morning, you arrive at the crux of some internal conflict regarding values and how and even where you consider your home base to reside and which star you figuratively steer by. This tug-of-war going on inside your head and heart is largely internal, so that little of what you are going through emerges toward others unless you project it outward. If you do it might be well to stop and reflect on what internal conflict might be at the root cause. Since Mercury is the god of communication and writing it is also an excellent time to journal about what is actually on your mind. Old patterns might be arising now to attempt to trip you up, as they perhaps have many times in the past, and if they do they might instead provide a good opportunity to look more closely into these and what ancient issues they might in fact represent, allowing you to accept yourself in these dark places so that you are enabled to move beyond them. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of Saturday, December 10th, represents an opportunity for greater clarity on some of these issues. This is a powerful time to set intention, since the Sun aligns with the Moons North Node and since your ruler, Venus, is activated in your home and family sector. It is an excellent time to work on familial harmony or tribal alliances and as well to validate yourself at the very roots of your being. You might find that upon reflection you are most comfortable when in alignment with core values that you are just beginning to consciously acknowledge. When the Last Quarter Moon arrives on Saturday, December 17th, it brings along with it the concept of organizing your thoughts and reactions to the three weeks of this potent lunation cycle that have gone before it. You have the chance now to get your thoughts straight to enable you to go forward calmly and perhaps more confidently into your next cycle, beginning with another strong New Moon on Thursday, November 24th. This is Christmas Eve in the West, and a spiritually important moment for you as well. Jupiter stations to direct motion, beginning the next day, Christmas, in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution. You are making some powerful moves over the end-of-year period so that the year that is dawning is likely to be qualitatively different than all the previous ones.

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