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March Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Libra Libra Horoscope (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is an important time of taking stock, Libra. You are graced with an exciting inner perspective on life and love that will only grow more pronounced over the course of this spring and summer. Your intuition is sizzling, as it has been for months, and you are finally starting to pay attention. This is powerful for you, because from deep within comes a form of truth that cannot be found anywhere else. There could also be illusions or confusions to sort out, especially those concerning the mechanics of day-to-day concerns, including physical work-outs and the health of your body; even the office. Partners are helpful and a big focus as well for you these days, but in the final analysis you must realize that you have to go it alone.

As the month begins, you are noticing with great spiritual empathy the presence of important others in your life. Itís a blessing to be so blessed, but of course it is necessary also to set boundaries and be conscious of your own piece of the pie chart. Saturn retrograding through the last few degrees of your sign definitely symbolizes that solitary side of your current astrological weather report and contrasts nicely with nebulous Neptune in aspect with a strongly emphasized Uranus occupying your relationship sector. You are deeply tuned to other minds and hearts as well as to your own spiritual pilgrimage into a greater sense of oneness with the universe at large. A curious twist in the cosmic currents twists this idea right around. You are strong on service, especially in this beginning week of March, but what starts out as the concept of being there more fully for others winds up as being there more fully for yourself as well. Surprises abound, and lead you into interesting alleyways of philosophical speculation. As you constitute your beliefs about the world you constitute the world itself, surrounding your own conception. We think of the world as hard and dense with ideas soft and fluffy but it is actually the other way around; your ideas are sharp and hard and the world conforms itself to their imprint. The Full Moon of Thursday, March 8th, brings you to an interesting plateau in your progress toward your initial goals. You are intent on finding out how best to serve not only the world around you but your own highest purpose for yourself. In order to accomplish that amalgamation in the most fruitful and wholistic manner possible, you must become a spelunker within the uncharted cavern of your own inner depths. You are exploring with great concentration and abandon, enthused and going all the way. Others come into this process in two ways, as companions and helpmeets for your journey and also somewhat peripherally, since part of what you are attempting to discover regards how you do relationship and to what end. With the Last Quarter Moon of Wednesday, March 14th, your investigation intensifies. Mercury is now retrograde in your partnership sector, inviting deep meditation concerning the effect of relationships in your life. Uranus is there as well, and highlighted in this monthís cycle, so that there will be not only departures from any one idea or program but also surprises and sudden enlightenment surrounding this important area. It is becoming clearer all the time that your current ongoing transformation is huge and emotionally linked to important centers within you. The New Moon of Thursday, March 22nd, gives you added confidence and a huge boost to your ongoing process of discerning the impact of significant others on your own development. The relationships that you have grown accustomed to may seem quite different in the light of what you have absorbed from the events of just these three prior weeks of the present month, and yet further evolution awaits. Relationships are essentially mirrors, and close inspection might begin to show you where old patterns of interaction are interfering with what your own higher self would support in you; if so you might find that you benefit enormously from delving into these frozen forms of ancient conditioning and early trauma. It might be that, over time, intimate connections turn into a more conscious act of sharing and that places where you were once stuck begin to yield.

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