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Aug 23 - Sep 15

December Horoscopes

by Henry Seltzer

Pisces Pisces Horoscope (February 19 - March 20)
Mutable Water. Your ruling planets are Neptune and Jupiter.

You are learning to live with paradox this month, Pisces. There’s a conundrum here to explore; you currently find yourself out in the world full-force, yet you are somehow not satisfied with purely worldly rewards and accolades. As your values fluctuate along with your finances you are seeking something more. You are in some ways quite inner now, exploring the underside of all your motivation, the secret doorway in the floor of your mind that leads to the mystery at the heart of everything. It is no surprise that this secret place within you holds greater fascination than what is laughingly called the “real” world. The only question is why the material rater than the mystical holds so much sway in the eyes of the world at large.

As the month begins, you inhabit both a world of doing and your own private world of just being. Busy with outer events, in another part of your psyche, running along beside the public role in equal measure, you occupy inner space; and your focus there is of mystical contemplation. You are making an important transition this month that involves the way that you show up in the outer world, and your corresponding personal evolution. This is a powerful time for understanding yourself and for tapping into your intuitive grasp of things to really dig down into core issues. While Mercury is retrograde in your sector of career and professional life, your ruler Neptune is hovering on the brink of your identity sector, which it briefly occupied last spring. Neptune returns to Pisces in February, making 2012 – which is a big year for everyone on the planet - an even more important year for you fishes. Mars in your relationship sector is also emphasized at this time, so that active partners could be important factors for you, and as the month unfolds, matters of interpersonal connection could come to light. With the First Quarter Moon of late Thursday night, December 1st, and early Friday morning, these issues become more starkly illuminated. The tension of your process increases substantially over these few days and you are also likely to run into interpersonal conflicts. Of course the best is when you can take in the fact that you are triggered without going outside yourself to announce it. You might instead be able to take some time away in order to work on your own issues, returning when you are ready to admit that part of your anger might be stemming from nowhere but your own inner wounding. The early childhood trauma that is often responsible for knee-jerk reaction and other less than functional behavior is almost certain to be a powerful factor for you throughout this end-of-year period, and if and when these do arise they give you the opportunity to address them with greater acceptance and understanding than you have mustered in prior experiences with them. These issues could resurface in a mutated form by the time of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse taking place on Saturday, December 10th, in your sector of home and family. This is another powerful juncture, but one that is less likely to be immediately traumatic and might in fact become the occasion for healing. With the Last Quarter Moon of Saturday, December 17th, you are still engaged in mulling over the events that have transpired thus far in the cycle, and the conclusions to be drawn from them. You are reviewing and revising your estimations right up to the end of this month and year, with these final weeks as one key part of that journey of introspection. The Winter Solstice of December 21st and another strong New Moon taking place on Saturday, November 24th, Christmas Eve, bring fresh energy for the transformation that you are involved with so passionately over these winter months, and also for finding a new set of goals to shoot for. Things are lining up for you both professionally and personally in a way that feels better at soul level; you are identifying more closely with where you feel in your heart you should be heading,

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