Astrology of May 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of May features Saturn, Chiron and Neptune. Saturn and Neptune are opposite cousins, representing the limitations of practical real-world situations versus the numinous idealism of a truly multi-dimensional awareness as epitomized in music and poetry. Their combination is a theme for the entire collective right now, since they are widely opposed to each other. The perfects this summer, and remains within orb through August of 2007, suggesting over this entire period of time either the descent into escapist fantasy or else rising above disappointment to make our spiritual ideals of more practical concern in our daily lives. The TaurusScorpio Full Moon (see chart Full Moon Chart) of Friday night, May 12th forms a T-Square to Neptune, bringing the otherworldly more directly into our conscious awareness at that time. Saturn in the early degrees of Leo is also fully activated during May, since the April 27th New Moon (New Moon Chart) that began this monthly cycle squares both Saturn and Chiron.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also prominent this month, symbolizing the difficult places inside us that we need to accept for healing to take place, and where we then have the empathy to reach out toward others. Saturn is opposite Chiron as well as Neptune at this time, bringing back a touch of the wound of misplaced authority that we saw as recently as February. We may be forced throughout May to take a stand against those who would co-opt our power, or against our own tendency to knuckle under to an outside authority that does not represent our truest intentions for ourselves. And throughout the month we must face the limitations of Saturn, stern taskmaster that enforces discipline and gives us the determination to achieve our goals in spite of everything. There will be a spiritual component to our struggle at this time, since numinous Neptune is also involved during this monthly cycle, being especially triggered at the time of the Full Moon. We may become very aware of the contrast between the ideal and the practical, which can show itself as either a depression of Spirit and pulling back from our dreams, or else a move forward in order to make more concretely manifest our fondest wishes for the world around us. Taking a stand for ourselves involves also paying close attention to that inner voice that tells us true no matter what the purveyors of a simple-minded materialism might say to the contrary.

Transits to the U.S. Chart

USA Chart

Last month's mid-April Full Moon in Libra U.S. Chiron, while Saturn and Chiron neared their in the sky, and I thought that it was likely that some further painful information might come to light regarding the current U.S. administration and its practices. This has proven to be the case, with further revelations regarding the famous case of Valerie Plame, a CIA agent who was outed by the Bush White House in July of 2003, thereby endangering her life and others who worked with her, and ending her usefulness as a covert operative. Knowingly revealing the name of a covert agent is a felony. This was done in retaliation for an op-ed piece published by her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, criticizing the administration for manipulating intelligence in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, specifically the allegation that Iraq was pursuing the purchase of Yellowcake Uranium from the country of Niger, a claim that Wilson had personally investigated and discredited months before the White House used it in the Jan 28th State of the Union address to bolster its case for war. Ironically, her mission was involved with controlling the spread of WMD in the world. I describe all this in my article written early in 2004, called The Ides of June. At that time I noted that both transiting and U.S. Chiron were involved in the signature of these events, both on January 28, and in July of 2003, so it is extremely interesting from a research standpoint that Chiron was again involved when the headlines were once again being made on this story, beginning last April 8th. I believe that U. S. Chiron is involved because of the painful recognition on the part of the American public that the very ones who are sworn to uphold the law, namely the Bush White House, are the ones who are breaking the law, just as we have seen thirty years before when Richard Nixon was eventually impeached.

In this month's configurations, it is the First Quarter Moon of May 4th where the greatest degree of tension lies for the U.S. chart, which continues to have difficult transits throughout out the month involving changing power structure and shifting national awareness. There is also a ray of hope in the of Jupiter to U.S. Sun, indicating an opportunity for new vision. Unfortunately, since Neptune is nearing an aspect with U.S. Mars and is emphasized by the mid-May Full Moon, there is also a further possibility for deceit at this time, with fresh lies being practiced or else the past coming to awareness, especially with regard to the military. We as a nation are slowly coming to the lessons that we need to receive out of this painful period, and the sooner we receive them the better, for our own peace of mind and that of future generations.

Current Configurations

The New Moon that began this month's cycle (New Moon Chart) took place on April 27th. This New Moon squared Saturn and also Chiron, bringing up new recognition of where we are caught up in giving our power away to an outside authority that doesn't really serve us. Jupiter also squares the Chiron / Neptune midpoint at this time, bring spiritual process and uncertainty to the fore. We are all collectively trying to make the transition from the intuition of hypocritical religious forms to our own deeper understanding that may have nothing to do with the outer forms of religious practice but which has everything to do with their spiritual truth in our lives.

The First Quarter Moon of Thursday evening, May 4th, is a powerful one (First Quarter Moon Chart) which emphasizes the opposing planetary energies of Saturn and Chiron / Neptune once again, bringing some the above-mentioned issues to a head and bringing in also the sudden enlightenment of trickster Uranus, at the same degree of Pisces, and therefore aspected by this Sun and Moon. A Grand Trine of Jupiter, Uranus and Mars is constellated by this configuration, so optimistic action in support of our spiritual ideals can have surprising consequences.

The Full Moon of late Friday evening, May 12th, forms a T-square to Neptune (Full Moon Chart) and triggers the idealism and also the uncertainty of this numinous otherworldly energy. We may be drawn to escapist fantasy, or else to the optimistic belief in ourselves and our world that make all things possible, as we seek to make manifest our most deeply held dreams for humanity.

The Last Quarter Moon of Saturday, May 20th, (Last Quarter Moon Chart) takes place in the last degree of the sign of Taurus. This is the traditional "crisis of consciousness" that Dane Rudhyar speaks of, when we must evaluate our actions in the light of what is concretely possible for us at this time.

The New Moon in Gemini (New Moon Chart) takes place the last weekend of the month, on Friday night. May 26th, and again constellates Saturn although in a milder sextile aspect, while it trines Chiron. As we reflect on what we have been through over the previous four weeks, a new phase is opening up in our awareness of the world around us, and in our ability to communicate this awareness to others in our circle.