Astrology of June 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of June features Jupiter and Saturn, along with Chiron, and with a touch of transformative Pluto getting into the act at the time of the June 11th Full Moon (see chart Full Moon Chart). This is a time when we must face self and find the spiritual opening that permits greater integration and freedom in our lives. The basic conflict this month is between optimistic and expansionist Jupiter, who helps us to rise above and to have faith in our process, versus the very different and difficult energy of Saturn that represents a super-realistic orientation and maintaining the status quo. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, also prominent, symbolizes the difficult places inside us that we need to accept in order for healing to take place, and where we then have the empathy to be able to reach out toward others.

The Sunday, June 11th, Full Moon (Full Moon Chart) and subsequent Last Quarter Moon of Sunday, June 18th (Last Quarter Moon Chart), emphasize Pluto by direct aspect (opposition by the Sun and then squared by the Last Quarter Moon) and bring personal transformation into the picture (the big picture). In Sagittarius, and nearly conjunct the Galactic Center, Pluto now represents the transformation of our basic belief structures. We might want to ask ourselves where we are overly caught up in beliefs that no longer serve us, or that serve, like blinders, to block an essential part of our vision for us and our world. Pluto at this time is asking us to rise to the challenge of inclusiveness, seeing beyond the current limitations on our thinking to take in a wider perspective. Pluto's mission on a personal level may be summed up in the words "to understand all is to forgive all." Since Pluto is linked to numinous Neptune at this time, this phrase is entirely appropriate and speaks as well to the concept of right relationship with each other and with the hidden parts of ourselves, symbolized by Chiron, that do not receive the benefit of our conscious awareness. Relationship with others, symbolized by Venus, is also emphasized in June as Venus moves into her own sign of Taurus, representing the pleasures as well as the lessons of the body and of the material world. Since Venus squares both Mars and Saturn in the early days of the month, leading up to the Full Moon, while opposing Jupiter, these are important lessons for our times indeed.

The Summer Solstice taking place in the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 21st (Solstice), is accompanied by a double Yod to Pluto, a MarsSaturn conjunction and a Grand Cross in fixed signs formed by the Moon, Mars/Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron. This dicey configuration represents another culmination of the powerful energy of this cycle, stressing personal transformation (Pluto) and a strong hit of the Saturn-Chiron opposition that has been building all month.

Saturn and Chiron are opposite throughout June, bringing back once more the wound of misplaced authority, or where we give over to an authority that is untrustworthy, as strongly reflected in our nation's current leadership. Since Jupiter squares both Saturn and Chiron at this time, in a so-called T-square formation, this Saturn-Chiron opposition is even more powerful than we have seen in recent weeks. We might be prompted in the course of this month's journey to reflect on where and why we have given our power away to others, and how we can take it back. As astrologer Carolyn Casey declares, we must own our power, or there will be outside agencies that will emerge to take it from us. The conflicts inherent in these current configurations are difficult, but character building, as throughout the month we feel the limitations of Saturn, stern taskmaster that enforces discipline and gives us the determination to achieve our goals in spite of everything.

Transits to the U.S. Chart

USA Chart

Last month we mentioned that "since Neptune is nearing an aspect with U.S. Mars and is emphasized by the mid-May Full Moon, there is also a further possibility for deceit at this time, with fresh lies being practiced or else the past coming to awareness, especially with regard to the military," and this has unfortunately been the case, as the allegations involved in the horrifying Haditha massacre came to light over the last week of May. Looking back, the New Moon of May 25th aspected both U.S. Chiron and U.S. Uranus, and one indication would be the sudden release of painful information.

In this month's transits, the T-Square accompanying the powerful Last Quarter Moon of June 18th again triggers U.S. Uranus, and at the same time aspects U.S. Pluto and U.S. Moon, symbolizing the public. There could be further and perhaps startling revelations at this time strongly affecting public opinion, especially in this country.

Current Configurations

The New Moon from the end of last month (New Moon Chart) that signaled the beginning of this month's cycle, at 5 plus degrees of Gemini, sextiles Saturn and trines Chiron and so contributes to the T-square between Saturn, Chiron and Jupiter that lasts the remainder of the month, getting closer as the cycle nears its end. Since Jupiter is slowing down and preparing to change to direct motion in July, he stays in his place, square to both Chiron and Saturn, all month long. Saturn and Chiron in opposition may be thought of as the wound of misplaced authority, as has been discussed, and Jupiter and Saturn are also opposed principles, bringing social considerations to bear at this time, and also highlighting the potential loss of faith accompanying disaster and contrariwise the necessity for that strong element of positive outlook in the face of adversity.

The First Quarter Moon, taking place at 13 plus degrees of Virgo on Saturday, June 3rd (First Quarter Moon Chart), exactly opposes Uranus in Pisces, also getting ready to station, and which is therefore slower and more powerful. There may be surprises at this time, depending on where the Virgo-Pisces axis falls in individual charts.

The Full Moon of Sunday, June 11th (Full Moon Chart), conjuncts Pluto in Sagittarius, and highlights the Saturn - Chiron - Jupiter configuration since Pluto resides at the Chiron/Jupiter midpoint, aspecting all three planets. The Full Moon traditionally represents a culmination of the energy that has been building up to that time, and brings others into our process as well. In Gemini and Sagittarius, there are likely to be issues raised of big picture idealism as contrasted with the energy of the here and now and just getting on with it in our lives. This T-square is quite significant for us, emphasizing as it does both where we are wounded by our earlier situations and where we can have the faith to rise above and assimilate new viewpoints, including new levels of self-acceptance; but through the path of struggle rather than the path of ease.

The Last Quarter Moon of Sunday, June 18th (Last Quarter Moon Chart), combines a more intense triggering of the above configurations with a Mars - Saturn conjunction, as the T-square moves into even closer alignment, and as the Moon in Pisces squares Pluto while Venus and Mercury each form an inconjunct to it. This aspect pattern, know as a Yod or Finger of God formation, highlights the transformative nature of Pluto in Sagittarius, which is also strongly aspected by Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron, as well as the Sun and Moon. With Pluto we are always being forced to change those patterns in our lives that have outlived their usefulness for our present circumstances. In the case of the current world situation, we have many things to work on, and much to eliminate from our modes of activity in order to heal ourselves and the earth surrounding us.

The Summer Solstice, when the Sun enters Cancer, takes place on Wednesday, June 21st (Solstice), and since the Moon resides in Taurus that day speaks to the issues of the earth as the summer season comes upon us. The Moon in Taurus opposes Jupiter exactly at the moment of the Sun's entrance into Cancer, forming a Grand Cross with Chiron and Saturn.

The New Moon in Cancer follows a few days later, on Sunday, June 25th (New Moon Chart), and brings the healing principle of water to bear more strongly in the mix of energies swirling around us in these climactic times. Venus has entered thoughtful Gemini. We are asked to take the lessons of the past weeks to heart and use them to form a new pact with each other, and with ourselves, as we do our best to come to a greater sense of wholeness.