Astrology of July 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aries Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Cardinal Fire. Your ruling planet is Mars.

Which end is truly up for you, Aries? Where is your head and where your heart? You are entering into a confusing journey this month, a self-reflective period of analysis of root psychological issues and attempts to go beyond your current conceptions. Highlights include the intense beginning of the retrograde on July 4th that is one doorway into dreamtime, and the Last Quarter Moon of July 17th that is another. Toward month's end you stand on firmer ground. But to tune in cosmically is not to tune out altogether. Lost to the world perhaps, but in terms of a higher reality, secretly found.

As the month begins, you are very invested in home and family concerns, in the wake of the Cancer New Moon from the end of last month. You are settling into yourself at this time, getting serious about your individual contribution to the world around you, and continuing to wonder about a way to fit yourself into social circles and other forms of group participation without losing something essential. At the time of the First Quarter Moon of Monday, July 3rd, these issues particularly dominate your awareness, and may even be cause for discomfort. The next few days, as Mercury turns retrograde and as Jupiter also turns direct in your intimacy sector gives you some pause for thought regarding your situation. During the remainder of July, the period of the Mercury retrograde, although you are vibrantly engaged in living life, you are better served to remain employed in figuring out what your home base really is than to make any strong moves forward. You may feel somewhat stuck in your process during this month of potential challenge, and do well to simply wait for the stream to clear. The Full Moon of Monday, July 10th leads you to your public statement as a release valve for pent-up emotions. You are approaching your work in the world in a new way as a result of tuning into the deeper picture, and of looking under the covers of your dynamics in relationship with significant partners. By the time of the powerful Last Quarter Moon of Monday, July 17th, you will likely be revealing your emotional truth more clearly to those around you, as depth analysis and psychological explorations continue to occupy your mind. The New Moon in your sector of creative self-expression that follows a week later, on Monday, July 24th, brings you to a new level of personal statement, as informed by your recent musings and internal shifts, including considerations of how relatedness to others around you plays an important part in your ongoing voyage of self-discovery.