Astrology of August 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of August features Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Saturn and Neptune, opposite each other throughout August, ask us to consider the mystical implications of the everyday physical world all around us from which we draw sustenance, and conversely to accept it that our high ideals may suffer a dose of realistic disappointment from time to time, without allowing that simple, understandable and commonplace occurrence to bring us down. "Tomorrow I begin again" could be our attitude. The constant interpenetration of the real and the supernaturally unreal form an important polarity of life here below that keeps the heart of it beating. We constantly go back and forth between dwelling in the multiplicity and dwelling in the One, but it is all wonder. As the poet says, from wonder into wonder, existence opens.

Saturn and Neptune, opposed in the skies right now, are triggered most dramatically at the time of the LeoAquarius Full Moon on August 9th. This Full Moon takes place at 16+ degrees of the sign, within two degrees of each opposing planet, themselves within four degrees of each other across the Zodiac. Saturn and Neptune continue to get closer to an exact opposition as the month unwinds. Uranus is also implicated in this month's grand scheme, since Jupiter trines it from Scorpio, along with Venus at the very beginning of the month, while at the Full Moon, Mars opposes Uranus and the Sun aspects it along with Saturn. Interestingly, the Virgo New Moon in the last week of the month exactly opposes the Uranus / Neptune midpoint. August is therefore a most magical month.

With trickster Uranus in the mix of this month's energies, anything can happen. We should be prepared for the unexpected, and the moment of epiphany that can change our lives suddenly and completely. Mercury is also just now pulling out of its retrograde shadow, recovering lost ground from the previous three weeks of the retrograde period, and re-entering Leo on the 10th. Hopefully we can take what we have gathered during this reflective period of time, now ending, and discover the roots of our salvation in the new understanding that it brings us. As far as our group process goes, the media are a most important factor, although often a massive disappointment lately. As long as we as a collective know the actual truth of the matter, then that truth really can set us collectively free of our mental bondage to consensus thinking.

Transits to the U.S. Chart

USA Chart

The most difficult time of the previous month came after July 12th, when the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon began, with dire consequences for its civilian population. The world press spoke of over-reaction, and the U.S. was held at least partly responsible, for supplying arms and tacit approval, and for blocking diplomatic attempts at a cease-fire. Of course the attacks have continued through the remainder of the month, with severe casualties on both sides, although disproportionate. Looking at the transits, the U.S. chart was impacted on July 12th by transiting Chiron since the Neptune / Chiron midpoint and the Moon was inconjunct U.S. Sun exactly on that day, while the Sun in the sky squared U.S. Chiron at the same time. Our compassion as a people was thus engaged by the plight of the Lebanese people, whose government was not responsible for the original attack on Israel, and we as a nation felt the poignant responsibility, whether openly acknowledged or not, over what our ally in the region has wrought. With transiting Pluto still aspecting U.S. Mercury, further changes are possible in the way that the U.S. public regards its own government's activities.

In August, we might expect a sudden breakthrough event of one kind or another sometime during the month, since Uranus is closely aspecting U.S. Sun and Ascendant during this period. The SaturnNeptune opposition that is so strongly constellated at the time of the Leo-Aquarius Full Moon of August 9th takes place on the 2nd and 8th house of this chart, so representing values and finances, including the stock market, and the issue of foreign investment. We may see some signs of confusion in these areas. With Pluto nearing its September station in close aspect with U.S. Mercury, we might also see further erosion of confidence in U.S. public opinion regarding the Middle East situation, and also perhaps challenges to media complicity in government activity, a complicity that amounts almost to propaganda in some cases, which might begin to be further exposed and better understood. It is certainly one of the most important tenets of 21st century thinking that the truth will eventually come out, and that when it does, it will have a powerful freeing effect on mass consciousness. As times get harder, the truth becomes more difficult to conceal, and that may in the end turn out to be a blessing.

Current Configurations

Riding the energy of the Leo New Moon from the end of last month (see chart New Moon Chart), we are relatively ungrounded at the beginning of the month, with only Mars in Virgo holding the Earth energy. We are precise but not fully connected with ourselves in some ways at this time, relying on the shaky power of logical thinking to hold ourselves together.

The First Quarter Moon of Wednesday, August 2nd (First Quarter Moon Chart), is a powerful one, with a Grand Trine in Water, including Uranus, and with only Mars in Earth, and the Moon in conjunction with expansive Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter trines Uranus all month long, amping up his sparky energy, and squaring Saturn and Neptune. We are thrust into a swirl of radical energy promoting either confusion or at least the possibility of change in our lives.

The Full Moon of Wednesday, August 9th (Full Moon Chart), is powerful as well, with the Sun and Moon in Leo and Aquarius aligning themselves with the forming SaturnNeptune opposition, by now only a few degrees apart across the sky. Saturn and Neptune represent quite opposite principles, of the status quo and the limitations of the here and now versus the more distant drumbeat and numinous super-reality of other dimensions intruding upon our physical ones, and calling us forth to compassion and feelings of oneness with all creatures on the planet. At the same time, Mars is also opposite Uranus, representing a call to action and the likelihood of surprising and even startling events to take place.

The Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, August 15th (Last Quarter Moon Chart), features an isolated Moon opposed to the remainder of the planets and carrying most of the Earth energy in its watery grasp. Mars is still opposite Uranus. The Sun and Moon now aspect transformative Pluto. The energy shift and crisis of action represented by the building square between Sun and Moon both frustrate and strengthen our cause. We are in a place of attempting to reconcile the spiritual impulse toward the divine within us and out world limitation. Progress can be made, although not without effort on our part.

The Virgo New Moon of Wednesday, August 23rd (New Moon Chart), represents a fresh start in the very first degree of the sign. The Virgo energy is not very grounded, but more so than the Fire element that preceded it. We are being asked to find a place within the storm of circumstance that we are comfortable with as our platform on which to stand, from which we can attempt to move the mountains of our destiny a little closer to their culmination.