Astrology of September 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aries Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Cardinal Fire. Your ruling planet is Mars.

Your sincerity is on the line this month, Aries. It's all about owning your power and finding your purpose, a sense of higher intention for your life that may turn out to be very different than what you have been thinking and planning. Compassion is involved, and a sense of unity with all existence, and the joy of taking part in service to that immensity. You may feel stuck right now in solitary isolation and narrow pride of accomplishment, but it is all an illusion, a prelude to a greater expansion. Dare to act feely and the universe will rise up to embrace you, only you have to be willing to make the first move.

As the month begins, you are taking a closer look behind the scenes of your daily activity than you normally are willing to do. You are feeling the link between taking on a service role in your connection with others and establishing true partnership as a basis for engaged interaction. A delicate balance always exists between making choices strictly from the standpoint of your own ego requirements and from the needs of others, and you are more aware than formerly of that interplay. There is a way of looking at things where you are more truly yourself the more you share yourself and find your own highest intention in the actions that you take, and you're coming closer to taking that stand in the first few days of September. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that takes place on Thursday the 7th highlights these issues and brings a moment of cosmic epiphany to your process of greater understanding. You are tuned to subtle messages from a distant source right now, that may nonetheless tell you true. At issue is how hard and fast you come on and how fuzzy the eventual outcome. You are seeking a balance. It is a time for unity, and a time for fully participatory partnership with others around you, although how you come to that is the real story. The Last Quarter Moon that comes along on Thursday, September 14th, may present you with a few curve balls, but nothing that you can't handle. You are going through some degree of transformation at this time and are in the process of deciding which changes you are actually able to incorporate into your life and which you need to let go. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse of the following week, taking place on the 22nd, brings you into direct relationship with the energy of your own psyche as projected onto significant partners in your life. You are in an essentially fortunate space right now with respect to partnership concerns, and with many changes possible in the way that you see your world, moving forward. And seeing makes all the difference.