Astrology of September 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Cancer Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Cardinal Water. Your ruling planet is TheMoon.

You are in the process of re-discovering some lost and essential part of yourself this month, Cancer. Although you've been through the wringer lately, feeling undervalued and over-extended all at the same time, startlingly sudden perspective shifts coming your way could change everything in an instant. After a few weeks of exploring your communication style and how you put your best foot forward, you are coming home to your true nature as the Fall Equinox beckons. Embracing new concepts of service to those around you and to your own highest purpose for yourself leads you to a brave new world of your own manufacture.

As the month begins, you are feeling your way through a difficult passage of soul-searching and deep change, especially with regard to significant partnerships in your life. Toward the end of the first week of the month the Lunar Eclipse of the 7th in your higher mind sector spurs you into entering into your own stage of enlightened wisdom. Like the Hermit that lifts his lamp you can utilize this recently discovered white light illumination center to hold out as a beacon to others around you. You are approaching connection with others from an entirely spacious and spiritual place these days, although you may find yourself confused by the hard-and-fast reality that balances with this more esoteric consciousness springing from your interior dreams and speculations. This Full Moon prepares the way for a further exploration of interior realms, and offers you the chance to make contact in a new way with those in your circle that you can reach out to in spoken or written form. You are very curious regarding the world around you at this time, and are ready to see everything in a different light. The Last Quarter Moon that comes along a week later, on Thursday, September 14th, brings you to a mystical and perhaps difficult realization regarding your sense of oneness with the universe in general and with intimate partners in particular. This is a spicy time of great possibility and transformational pressure upon you to connect with even the hidden parts of your being. There is a degree of comfort associated with whatever acceptance you can bring to bear upon your situation. The New Moon Solar Eclipse of September 22nd is also a powerful time for you, when you are coming home to yourself in new way, seeing the place as if for the very first time. There is a higher purpose to your explorations at this time in taking you closer to a mystical essence of self that transcends surface realities and leads you closer to a dedicated discipleship in what you actually came here to accomplish in this lifetime, with no master for you to apprentice to but your own inner knowing.