Astrology of September 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

You are entering into a time of relative uncertainty, Leo. Especially around the time of the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th, you're a little like the builder who chose to make his dwelling on the shifting sand. Your sense of stability is both very real and also entirely illusory, if you can allow yourself to open to that degree of paradox. A trick of the mind keeps you anchored and safe. Then the picture changes in an instant and you're off and running for what may in fact prove to be an exciting and fulfilling voyage of discovery.

As the month begins, you may find yourself to be changeable and eccentric, with questions regarding your security in financial or material terms, and also in ways that transcend the physical and get at the true basis for your security in terms of your attitude and self-concept. You are also majorly dealing with issues of self and other at this time. Something has got to give, either your ideals regarding finding the perfect partner or your self-imposed sense of limitation that brings reality checking into the equation. The Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon of Thursday, September 7th is likely to exacerbate these issues and make you feel like making sudden moves of one kind or another. You are in an expansive and slightly insecure emotional space right now, preferring or at least choosing freedom of movement over any real stability. Your heart center is opening, but perhaps to the universe at large and the wonder of existence rather than to any real person. With the Last Quarter Moon of Thursday, September 14th, you find yourself in something of a dilemma, balancing issues of self and other and with the need to transform in the creative expression of your individual nature. This is a quandary, but one that has its ultimate solution in coming to a new awareness of priorities and where you need to be headed in order to find your greatest sense of reward. The Solar Eclipse New Moon of Friday, September 22nd, taking place in your resources sector has the effect of challenging you to greater clarity in these and other areas; of defining what is to you most important and communicating that truth to others around you. The surface merely glitters but it is underneath that you find the true gold of your situation.