Astrology of September 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Fixed Water. Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

This is your time to truly shine, Scorpio. You are reaching for a peak of success right now and it shows. Plans for the future that you make at this time are scary likely to come into fruition in the weeks and months ahead. There may be some surprises in the mix of energies swirling around your door, some unexpected ways of showing up in the world that will startle you, and your friends as well, into new forms of seeing and being. It is nothing you can't handle, given your cheerful participation these days in the grander scheme of things.

As the month begins, you are in a rather good place mentally and emotionally, although you may feel shadows lurking in the arena of your monetary and other forms of security. You are optimistically exploring your chances for powerful achievement right now, which also has a decidedly mystical tone to it. The first few weeks of this month are also the best time for you all year to vision new possibilities for yourself. If you really put your heart into it, you are likely to eventually get what you ask for, so choose wisely. It may be difficult to consciously articulate your desires at this time, as there are underground streams that feed your actions to an unusual degree. You are also most definitely looking beneath the surface of your financial and other resources at your disposal, and of the values surrounding the idea of the material as it plays out in your life, looking for a doorway into a future that makes more sense from the viewpoint of your highest intention for yourself. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse taking place on Thursday, September 7th, highlights these concerns and issues, and also makes evident the powerful nature of your visionary process these days. You are likely to see your world in a new light as a result of this moment of realization, as perhaps many around you will also. Now is the time, as the poet says, to take what you have gathered from coincidence over the past two weeks, leading up to the epiphany of this Full Moon Eclipse, and run with it. You may be entering into unknown territory but it's a risk-reward situation and you will never find out what awaits you without making the transition and crossing the big water. In the days following the Full Moon, you enter into a dreamy and spiritual space of time, when you are simultaneously exploring the inside of your eyelids as well as the outer world that surrounds you. The Last Quarter Moon of the 14th marks a powerful turning point in your awareness. With the New Moon and Solar Eclipse of the following weekend, beginning Friday morning, September 22nd, you are crossing the threshold of a new world of your own making, entering dreamtime. What you see all around you isn't quite real and yet it is also very much so, as you make the attempt to fuse these two separate viewpoints into one.