Astrology of November 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of November features Mercury retrograde, Venus and Mars along with the important outer planet energies of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto that have been so prominent lately. Thus we have the strictly personal in powerful connection with the transpersonal as seems to be cropping up lately with great regularity. What is the message of all this impulse toward transcendence, amidst the enormous challenges of our times? As the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins puts it – "why, that my chaff might fly, my grain lie sheer and clear?" It is up to each of us to make whatever movement is possible upon our own arc of development, to enact the change inside ourselves that moves us closer to what we wish to see in the world around us. In this regard, information is key. It comes to us in many ways, not least the intuitional quantum from somewhere out in the ether beyond us, or perhaps as close to us as our own beating hearts. In astrological symbolism, the planet Uranus represents this divine spark of intuition, a glimpse of the architecture of the universe. When Uranus stations direct in the last half of the month in trine with the station of Mercury, we may get that glimpse.

The outer planets are strongly constellated at this time. The configuration of the outer planet energies is such that pretty much all signs and all degrees of the Sun and personal planets in charts are affected. This is because each degree is within orb of one aspect or another with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. Right now we have Uranus at 10 plus degrees, Neptune at 17, and Saturn and Pluto at 25 degrees. As the personal planets in the sky move through Scorpio, and trine Uranus and trigger by square the SaturnNeptune opposition that is still active, everyone participates. The energy is powerful and of a transformative nature, especially with Saturn and Pluto making their trine with each other, and also with the trine this month to Uranus from Mercury as it stations direct.

Venus and Mars also have a strong connection to what is going on in the current month. As Mars and Venus move at different speeds away from their triple conjunction with the Sun early in November they make several outer planet aspects. Mars trines Uranus at the Full Moon on the 5th of the month, and squares Neptune at the time of the very powerful late-Scorpio New Moon taking place on Monday, November 20th, of Thanksgiving week, while Venus squares Neptune at the Full Moon and then sextiles Chiron at the New Moon on the 20th.

There is big news at this time in these outer planet transits, as Saturn moves into a close trine with Pluto, while Jupiter participates, and Pluto and Neptune remain in parallel and septile with each other. The septile, a powerful and subtle, even occult, aspect that is arrived at by dividing the circle by seven, has characterized the Pluto-Neptune interchange for some years now, but is much closer and therefore stronger in the Winter months. Pluto has been in Sagittarius for about 12 years, and ideological conflicts have been important (to say the least). When Pluto moves into Capricorn in 2008 Uranus will begin to form a close square with Pluto, the first such aspect since 1965, which perfects in 2012 with Uranus in Aries, and which portends revolutionary changes in consciousness parallel to and even surpassing the waves made in the wake of their alignment in the turbulent sixties. Over the next few years, Neptune will be within a degree of septile with Pluto for the months of November through February and the aspect will be exact in the first weeks of each December. In these years leading up to 2012 and the PlutoUranus square, as Pluto enters Capricorn in 2008, referring to the structure of society itself, and the American corporate structure in particular, the dark aspect to Neptune portends both an element of confusion and anarchy and as well a spiritual movement toward a different cultural paradigm as things get rough. These current configurations are therefore taking us just a little closer to the amazing times that are coming.

The month has its foundation in the New Moon from the end of October, which joined the energies of Venus and Mars in the relationship-orientated sign of Libra, emphasizing the integrity of connection with "all my relations." Now as the triple conjunction moves into the deep and subtle waters of Scorpio, and as Saturn trines Pluto, there are indications that some fundamental element of the existing structure must radically change. Meanwhile, the Mercury retrograde period of time that began just before the current month with Mercury Jupiter and touching these other outer planet configurations asks us to turn inward. Mercury stations direct on November 17th, and Uranus does so on the 19th, just in time for the November 20th New Moon that conjuncts Jupiter and squares Saturn, while Uranus remains in close trine with Mercury the entire time. Strange enlightenment comes to us as a culmination of this four-week cycle. It comes through paying attention to what is in the air, and looking under the covers for the underlying causes of events, and through closely looking inside ourselves as well, and it will likely be startling in its clarity and in its call to action. But the call can be ignored. It is up to each of us to make maximum use of the information that is coming to us at this time, whatever that means for each individual. For it is truly up to us, to each of us, in our own local environment, to choose the kind of life we want to lead and the kind of world that we want to leave for our children's children to grow up into.

Transits to the U.S. Chart

USA Chart

This is indeed a climactic time for America, as indicated in the current transits to the U.S. chart. We are using the chart for July 4th, 1776, at 5:10 PM, as rectified by Dane Rudhyar in The Astrology of America's Destiny. Last month we noted the pressure both on U.S. Moon, representing the public, and as well on U.S. Mercury, representing the media and the process of communication in this country. Discussion of the public use of airwaves and electronic media has indeed been very active lately, including the Bill Moyers series of special reports "On America" (See website ») that aired on PBS in October. The last one, on the subject of Internet neutrality, was entitled "Net at Risk." The large amount of campaign dollars spent on negative ads has also recently been noted, and this 2006 election has been called the most expensive and also the most negative in recent times, in part because sitting incumbents this year have had very little to say for themselves in the way of accomplishments.

This month the transits are most intense around the time of the election on November 7th. To list the technical details, retrograde Mercury conjoins transiting Venus in semi-square to the U.S. Midheaven, and in sesquiquadrate to U.S. Venus, which also rules the Midheaven (executive branch) while transiting Neptune also strongly aspects these two sensitive points. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto continue to heavily aspect U.S. Mercury and the Moon. Transiting Uranus squares U.S. Uranus, indicating that there may be surprises. Transiting Mars (and Sun) are in trine with U.S. Sun, in fact forming a Grand Trine with transiting Uranus. This last configuration could symbolize a potential for accidental violence, although the trine aspect does indicate the more positive of the possible variations. In the chart of a country there could be violent surges of public emotion, as well as unexpected outcomes. With Venus so involved there are consequence for national values, economics and legal challenges, and also since it rules the Midheaven, the executive branch. With the divisive election taking place that day, we already know that all this is all too likely to be true.

The energy seems darkly transformative. We may emerge from this experience sadder and wiser. Something is not right in the body politic and these factors are coming increasingly to the fore. One huge issue is the question of the integrity of the election itself, with the proliferation of the new touch-screen voting machines and their proper functioning and security from hacking severely in question at this time. A paper trail is essential, but nothing is currently being done about this urgent and potentially quite politically divisive situation. There will likely be challenges to the outcomes of various elections with long-lasting ramifications.

On a more positive note, there is certainly much information that is coming out at this time, and that will continue to come out. All this new knowledge increases our angst, but at least we are beginning to know the truth. And the truth, as they say, will eventually set us free from blind adherence to our cultural conditioning, and to the effects of media propagandizing.

Current Configurations

The Full Moon of Sunday, November 5th (Full Moon Chart), is the first major configuration of the month, and pulls together Venus and Mars in a last fling of their triple conjunction with the Sun that originated in the preceding New Moon from the last ten days of October, and also forms a T-square to Neptune, while Venus squares Neptune almost exactly. This Full Moon also trines and sextiles Uranus as Saturn nears an exact trine with Pluto. The energy for transformation and radical restructuring is quite strong at this time as indicated in the first few paragraphs of this overview.

The Last Quarter Moon of Sunday, November 12th (Last Quarter Moon Chart), traditionally represents a "crisis in consciousness" as we learn more about our situation, and discover the inherent limitations of our approach. Since the Moon conjuncts Saturn at this time, the feeling of limitation is intensified. We are tuning into our responsibilities and feeling our way forward into our own unique method of taking them on. As Mercury, moving backwards through Scorpio conjuncts Mars and trines Uranus, the potential for accidents and miscommunication increases. There may also be surprises, both at this time and at the very end of the week when Mercury changes direction.

Mercury stations direct on Friday, November 17th (Mercury Direct), in the afternoon. At this time Mercury trines a stationing Uranus, so again the unexpected could become the norm, both for this day and the weekend following.

The New Moon of Monday, November 20th (New Moon Chart), precedes the Thanksgiving holiday in a big conjunction with Jupiter, ruler of feasts. This is a potentially quite lucky and fortunate time, since Jupiter is known as the major benefic among the planetary energies. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, where it is heading on Thanksgiving Day, still conjuncted by the Sun. Venus has already entered into Sagittarius at the time of this New Moon, and four more planets including Jupiter will follow over the next few weeks. Thus, December will be a very Sagittarian month. This New Moon during the last few days of Scorpio, at 28 plus degrees of the sign, a powerful degree, reminds us of our own transformational qualities, and asks us to finally get our act together regarding the process of spiritual evolution in our lives and our intimate connection with others around us.

The First Quarter Moon of the following Monday, November 27th (First Quarter Moon Chart), at nearly the end of the month, emphasizes once more the trickster energy of Uranus in Pisces. Strange intimations of intelligence from beyond the physical plane are still very much with us at this time, as they have been all month long. It's what we do with this powerful information that really counts.

The indications for each Sun Sign over this month are given below. Be sure to check out your Rising Sign as well, if you know it. You can now log in to My AstroGraph, or sign up for a new account for a free calculation and interpretation of your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign. Please note that dates given in this column for astrological events are based on U.S. Pacific Time Zone (UTC +8), for other locations dates may need to be adjusted depending on the number of hours of separation.

Aries Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Cardinal Fire. Your ruling planet is Mars.

You are leaving the mundane world behind as you explore new dimensions of your relationship dynamic, Aries. The name of your game these days is close connection with others, and most importantly with your own inner world as well. You are coming to terms with a very different way of relating to intimate partners in your life, putting a positive spin on the whys and the wherefores of your reaching out to others. Your clues consist of soul level whispers and a mysterious summons almost too faint to hear. Large gifts sometimes come in the smallest packages.

As the month begins, you are feeling the transformational effects of intimacy on your life. This means a more profound outreach toward others, but most importantly at inner stretches of your own being. There are walled off parts of your psyche that are crying out for better connection with your conscious mind, and you might finally hear their summons at this time. What is involved at the most fundamental level is a better integration of your presence in the world around you, and at the same time a better connection with the spiritual dimensions beyond this physical plane. With the Full Moon of the first weekend of the month that taking place early on Sunday, November 5th, you are likely to be sharing these ideas with others around you. You have been feeling some confusion and some questions lately regarding the urge for taking greater responsibility for your own life and this monthly cycle comes as perhaps a portion of the answer to those queries. Sudden flashes of insight will accompany your path at this time. The Last Quarter Moon of the following weekend, coming along on Sunday, November 12th, traditionally represents a crisis in consciousness for the issues that you are struggling with at this time. You are perhaps coming to some newfound understanding of the essence, and the inherent limitations, of your situation. Though something is taken away, something remains, and what remains is important. Mercury straightens out into direct motion a few days at the end of the week, on the 17th, and you will undoubtedly be doing some deep thinking about your situation. You may be tempted to act on these thoughts, although in another way the time is not yet ripe. The New Moon of Monday, November 20th, is fortunate for you and pulls you toward a better philosophical grasp of where you are headed with recent changes in perspective, but things are still likely to be confused for a while. If you keep searching, the outline of what you seek will eventually become clearer, although perhaps not for several more weeks. It is a long and painful and joyous process that you are engaged in at this time, with far-reaching results, and you must be patient, have faith in your own process, and wait for the solution to eventually emerge.

Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

It really is all about relationship, isn't it Taurus, much as you hate to admit it. But it's what you do with all that partnership energy that really counts. In your case right now, you are bouncing your radar beams off of significant persons in your life for more than one purpose, since it is partly in order to discern the outline of your own path forward. You are searching out the riddle of where to place your steps in going for the destiny that is uniquely yours to fulfill. The answers may surprise you.

As the month begins, you are feeling your way forward into wholeness through the tunnel of your own internal process. Significant others are important in your life right now, and you may be struggling not to give them too much energy in order to reserve a chunk for yourself. You are fortunate in your relationship circumstances and pondering at the core of your being what in the world it all means for your own path forward. As you find yourself digging deep within, a seismic shift in the very foundations of your being may threaten to sweep all before it. You are solidifying ties to family and to any other basis of security, holding on so as not to lose your footing amidst the tempest of circumstance. The Full Moon of Sunday, November 5th, takes you further down the relationship path that you have been following lately and also further into the eye of the storm. Everything is slippery and nothing is as it seems, yet you can somehow discern the ultimate purpose. Fresh information is coming at you from a future that you can see in flashes, perhaps in the form of dreams and portents, and your faith is being tested, although you may find that it is well up to the task. A week later, the Last Quarter Moon of Sunday, November 12th represents a difficult time of tension in your process. You are stopped almost dead in your tracks as you mull over the possibilities, perhaps feeling the pinch of restrictions in your home environment or your psychological digging down, but it makes for a time of reflection on your circumstances and what you can gather from them. When Mercury turns direct a few days later and for the remainder of that week, leading up to the New Moon of Monday, November 20th, the information could be amazing. You are casting your net in entirely different waters right now and pulling up a good catch. The New Moon represents a fresh starting point for discovery and for distilling meaning out of the whirlwind of events. The results will rock your world.

Gemini Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

Welcome to the roller coaster ride, Gemini. Your ticket is free for the asking. You are feeling the impulse to reinvent yourself these days, finding new concepts of service to the greater whole as perhaps an important component of your own development. Toward the end of the month your relationship energy slips into high gear, and leading up to that time, you will increasingly encounter surprising shifts in career and daily life. Attitude counts for a lot in these matters; it goes better when you refuse to clutch at the restraining bar and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

As the month begins, you are finding yourself mulling over what it means to be you in this world, a being with your own unique destiny to work out as you move through even the most simple of day-to-day concerns. This is the real thing, this life you have, your one life to live for and through and no other. It would be a shame to live it by anyone else's standards but your own. Since at least the end of last month you have been feeling your way forward into greater integration, toward a goal perhaps as yet relatively undefined, forging your intention into a new synthesis of heart and mind. This may be a time that is more internal than external, as you reflect on where your life is taking you with your ruler Mercury through your sector of discipleship to your higher purpose. The Full Moon that comes along in the first week of the month, on Sunday, November 5th, represents a period of sharing your concerns and feelings with others around you. You are reaching for a spiritual dimension of reality to help see you through. Communication with others is slowed down and also more intense at this time, approached with a serious cast of mind that makes it difficult to strike the right note. With the Last Quarter Moon a week later, taking place on Sunday, November 12th, there are important realizations to be gained in this area. You are beginning to make out what it takes to advance your agenda and seeing further into your situation also. There is an electric energy in your public statement right now that gives you information quite directly without needing to inquire. A sudden shock that could come at any time now is somehow expected. By the end of the week Mercury will turn around and all bets are off on whether the connections will be made suddenly or in slow mo or not at all. The New Moon that comes on Monday, November 20th, is something of a celebration for you, and a powerful reminder of the vital importance of partnership in your life. But while partnership is a key element you are also enjoined to remember that your viewpoint is unique to yourself and no other.

Cancer Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Cardinal Water. Your ruling planet is TheMoon.

You are reinventing yourself this monthly cycle, Cancer. Intimations of a new way of seeing your world suddenly break through. An optimistic assessment of trends meets head-on with the difficulties inherent in maintaining your base amidst the whirlwind of modern circumstance. Although there may be very little forging ahead, at least you're not stagnant. You are investing in your highest intention for your future, betting on yourself against all the odds. You win when your take Spirit firmly into account as a crucial part of the equation.

As the month begins, you are in the midst of an exciting and fertile period of time, when your perspective changes almost daily. Perhaps you are feeling like slowing down and taking the reflective internal stance represented by the symbolism of Mercury through your sector of creative self-expression. This has been a powerful Mercury retrograde period, especially for those Cancerians born near the middle of July, although everyone is feeling the pinch. You can use this energy to move ahead in your thinking, preparing for Mercury's eventual emergence from its retrograde shadow in December. Meantime it is best to watch and wait, as old patterns come up to be worked through and for their eventual healing. At the time of the Full Moon, which takes place on Sunday, November 5th, you are charged with paying close attention to the principle of "right relationship" as it manifests in your intimate connections with others, and in other kinds of partnership in your life as well. There is a radical change sweeping through you these days regarding the effect of partnership in your life, and including also your basic values and your soul perception of the world at large, or perhaps the belief systems inherited from your early years. This can be a confusing period of time, when nothing is as it seems and you struggle to keep your head above water. The secret may lie in finding your own unique way of looking at things, no matter what anyone else has to say, or has had their say in the far distant past. You're on your own now in more ways than one, and this simple fact can be scary but also exhilarating. The mod-month period of time, leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday week, brings all these feelings out into the open. There are likely to be surprises along the way. You are feeling stuck in your attitudes and emotions right now, but being jarred out of that, daring to allow change but holding on to the past as well, and perhaps in need of a little loosening up. With the New Moon of Monday, November 20th, the dam may begin to break open.

Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

Your transformation continues apace this month, Leo. You are exploring new places and seeking new dimensions right in the midst of your own home base that holds your emotional security and allows you to reach out to others from its steady support. That support might be a little shaky right now. You are rearranging the furniture that you are standing on, so better not reach for the ceiling just yet. There will be time for that later after you have seen what there is to see when you direct your gaze inward, to a place that you may be viewing as if for the very first time.

As the month begins, you are in a reflective and quietly fertile period of time with Mercury through your home and family sector. This is an ideal time to take a look at your inner motivation, what really makes you tick. It's a real trick to look, simply to look, without judgment, denial, or blame for yourself or anyone else for that matter. Taking action is another thing, and that can come later, however much you may feel like doing something more immediately. You are changing deep within yourself and it will eventually open many doors. At the time of the Full Moon you are feeling these and other issues more urgently and with the desire to share your new outlook as part of your public statement and professional direction. This is an exciting time when many surprising factors could come into view, perhaps through the agency of others in your life. You are getting more serious about your commitment to yourself and to others around you, but there is playfulness there as well, if you can reach for it, that helps you to realize the transience of life events. You are in flux in any case, and making the mistakes that you make as you go along, as well as the successes, and it doesn't have to be so heavy. It's a good feeling to recognize that all that you can come to is just the best that you can do in each circumstance, and then to let it go. Mercury turns direct on the 17th, which may clear the air somewhat. When the New Moon takes place a few days later on Monday, November 20th, there is a tug of war going on within you biased toward optimism and faith in your process. New information that comes to you at this time may be the key to unlock some level of your understanding that was hitherto dark and unknown territory, unmarked on any map. There is joy in the mix of sadness, relief in the midst of pain, and the dawning of a new resolve.

Virgo Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Mutable Earth. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

This is a time of communication steps and re-steps, Virgo. Verbal interchange is so important to you, always, as a way of uniting your vision with your community. The danger is that you may give over your own principle of organization to the opinions you so love to hear. Now, with the powerful energies of this monthly cycle, you are looking beneath the surface of your interactions and finding surprises. You may discover something of great import for your own unique approach to life, the hidden pearl in the oyster that you didn't even know that you were about to open.

As the month begins, your focus is fully on getting your point across. You may be feeling somewhat stuck in this area, as your ruler Mercury retrogrades through your third sector in combination with Saturn, although you could also be feeling a balancing portion of optimism and excitement. There is tremendous focus as well as limitation and intensity in this area of your communication with others around you over the first few weeks of the current month. At the time of the Full Moon, taking place on the first Sunday, November 5th, you are coming to a better understanding of your situation, and seeking to broaden your participation in life changes. You are aiming for a powerful metamorphosis in your life over the next few weeks, and it is one of transcending existing values and security needs, including your housing or home environment, in favor of a more expansive vision of your possibilities. This massive restructuring that is already underway doesn't have to be a gloomy one, since even working through these at times quite difficult issues can be cause for elation. With the Last Quarter Moon of Sunday, November 12th, you are reaching for a more definite solution. You may find at this time exactly what does and does not work for you in terms of the process you are currently engaged in. Mercury turns to direct motion at the end of the week, on Friday, November 17th, and there are likely to be surprising and even startling ramifications. You are finding new ways to relate to your peers, perhaps catalyzed by sudden events, and also feeling the pressures and even the burden of your former self closing in on you. It is better at this time not to make a dramatic break with the past, but to instead seek to integrate new core level wisdom. The late Scorpio New Moon that comes along on Monday, November 20th, represents a fresh start in your outreach to others and in your understanding of your deep inner self also.

Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

You are peering beneath the surface of your existence this month, Libra, exploring your inner world. You are still enjoying to the fullest your relationships with significant persons in your life, but a nexus of activity in your energy field targets the underlying motivation of your material affairs. Your financial circumstances are basically healthy, although complex, but the problem of the deeper meaning still remains. Perhaps the question that is raising its angel head over the course of this monthly cycle is not so much how to get there, but where you are headed, and why.

As the month begins, you are entering into a powerful period of time for changing your concept of the supplies that you need, both financial and otherwise, in order to continue surviving, and also for your values concerning the use of such resources in your life. You are getting some surprising new ideas of where on earth you may find yourself heading at this time, solidifying your understanding of where you and how you would like to plug yourself into the social matrix surrounding you in a manner consistent with your high ideals. The Mercury retrograde period, now underway, represents a good opportunity to think things through and you may come to some very new and even startling conclusions. The Full Moon that comes along in the first full week of the month, taking place early on Sunday, November 5th, represents a magical opportunity for growth and self-knowledge. It's a potentially quite confusing period of time for you, perhaps the culmination of a long period of fuzzy thinking, but it's a long road that has no turning. The most immediate concerns for you at this time are aimed at resolving issues of self and other, and establishing the communication of deeper needs that makes intimate connection truly possible. The mid-month period of time, beginning with the Last Quarter Moon of Sunday, November 12th, lights up your basic conundrums one more time again, takes you closer to where you have been migrating all along, perhaps without fully realizing it. There is both an annoying constriction and a fulfilling joy in limiting your path ahead to only what makes total sense for you now, since time is short in some ways (although infinite in another) and you sure are feeling like you must be getting on with it. When Mercury changes direction in your resources sector on the 17th there may be some new thinking on the subject. The New Moon of Monday, November 20th also brings a novel perspective to bear, creating opportunity for you and making a way, as they say, out of no way. It turns out that necessity truly is the mother of invention.

Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Fixed Water. Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

This is a powerful period of time for you Scorpio. You are in a great place of self-acceptance and vitality in this your birthday month, but seeking something extra. Radical enlightenment comes your way just when you least expect it. The swirl of energies around your door is epic and the stories may be also. You are peering over the edge of the fertile darkness that is the source of all creativity, drawn by a new series of thoughts and some old ones recycled. It's the traditional uncarved block of Zen. What will you find when everything that is not really you is removed?

As the month begins, you are entering into a very special cycle, a period when you are the focus and the subject of your own adventure, and yet somehow also a spectator to it. This is a time of transformation, and that goes for everyone, but for you the meaning is immediate and quite literal. You are both steadying down and opening up in some very new and different ways. What else could be the fundamental cornerstone of this period in your life but change? The one thing that you do know is that you are alive to the moment as you are currently living through it, and that is perhaps most important of all. With the Full Moon that comes along in the first weekend of the month, early on Sunday, November 5th, you are contemplating the quintessential other as an essential part of your arc of development, a mirror for your own process of growth. You are experiencing yourself as a multitude these days, seeing self-creation at each next turn of the road, reveling in your worldly powers while at the same time downplaying them and seeking to transcend their simplicity. There will likely be a collision of sorts at the time of the Last Quarter Moon taking place exactly one week later, when professional commitments threaten to outweigh personal and private ones to the detriment of both. With the retrograde of Mercury going on all month in your identity sector you are not quite sure of who or what you are although things may go better when you strive to maintain your awareness that everything around you is in flux. At the end of this second full week, when Mercury turns to direct motion, there may be some sort of answer, but still it will be December before it leaves its retrograde shadow. The New Moon that follows a few days later, on the following Monday, November 20th, the week of Thanksgiving, is fortunate for you in circumstance and perhaps in terms of dollars also. You are leading yourself out now along a different branch of your own spiritual highway, through a transmutation of values, toward the distinctly receding horizon of your evolving persona.

Sagittarius Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Mutable Fire. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

You are headed for a big crossing of some kind, Sagittarius, but you won't know what it is until you get there. Your thought process only takes you further to the inside and then disappears, leaving blind faith to get you through. A certain instability of your footing creates also an opportunity, although things are a bit dicey, because you don't really have to know where you are going in order to successively put one foot ahead of the other. Your month is like those fortune-telling eight balls where the answers swim in darkness until you turn them over. After the 23rd the outcome will appear.

As the month begins, you are fully committed to the exploration of the yeasty inner realms behind and beyond your conscious mind. This is where you'll find the material that your dreams are made of, and waking visions and other fantasies also, everything that is not the stuff of concrete reality but is not less real for all of that. It may be difficult to deal with ordinary subject matter as you daydream, but you are not spending your time unwisely, since the foundation of all your deeply held desires is the largest part of you in spite of appearances. You might become impatient with delays and find yourself full of self-reflective silence, but there is a net gain in terms of emotional integration. The Full Moon of Sunday, November 5th takes you out of your silence to share you life with others, but in some ways only drives you further into it. You are seeing one culmination of what you started in the last days of the previous month, and feeling a shift in terms of the grounding of your ultimate intention. The changes that you are involved in represent in the final analysis, and over a long period of time a thorough transformation of your identity. They are concerned with perspective shifts on how you see your world and the part you play it, a part that you are re-writing for yourself in the course of this month's journey inward. The Last Quarter Moon, taking place the following weekend, on Sunday, November 12th, represents a time when the ideals and goals that you have formulated must meet the demands of the concrete world, and conform perhaps unwillingly to a narrowing of perspective. You must take what you can, make the most of it and forge ahead anyway. Your progress is necessarily slow at this time in any case with Mercury through your sector of inner life. Mercury has been dropping in its retrograde motion and on the 17th, as it finally stops in its tracks and turns to direct motion, things begin to pick up. A fresh start definitely comes into fruition with the New Moon that takes place on Monday the 20th. The Sun and Jupiter enter your sign a few days later. After that, every day brings progress.

Capricorn Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

Your future is calling, Capricorn. You are making ready with big plans and statements, and re-statements, of where on earth you are heading these days. Your situation is radically altering, as you get the full hit of your ongoing evolution. You are likely to be experiencing second thoughts regarding the direction that your life might be taking, with surprising and even startling new information contributing to your dilemma as the month unfolds. You benefit when you silently witness, waiting for the dust to settle until after the end of the month. It also may help to remember that while the mind thinks, the heart knows.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave of the previous New Moon in your fame sector, feeling the buzz of public achievement. It is all about the possibilities right now, as you traverse this period of internal reflection and misplaced outer connection referred to as the Mercury retrograde period of time. You are changing in the way that you think and feel about social gears that you plug into these days, and the group associations that you fancy, that lead the way for further exploration of networking your potentials. Friendships are also an important part of the story. The Full Moon of Sunday, November 5th creates waves of energy regarding the impact of others on your own life. What is at stake now, and the subject of your inner thoughts during this initial part of the month, is how and why you create the linkages in your life with others, including intimate connections with significant partners, and how the communication between you increases your own options for growth. All Capricorns, especially for those born near the middle of January, are engaged right now in some important restructuring. In a way it is a natural consequence of public achievement to wonder what comes next. As Mercury turns direct to begin the latter half of the month, you are perched on the edge of some important discoveries involving your own unique pathway forward. The New Moon that comes along a few days later, on Monday, November 20th, represents a fresh chance to see into more deeply into your own internal process. You may be finding after all that all you need for your journey of exploration is really inside yourself.

Aquarius Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

You are going down the same old road with a new vision, Aquarius, getting straight on your security needs while thinking and rethinking your activities in career and public life. Things may seem not to go right for you these days, while actually going very well from a cosmic perspective. Especially after the middle of the month, you are in the process of wedding heart and mind, public and private, rational decision-making and wild intuitive leaps, and the outcome is far from certain, or whether to truly go for it. But you are in for all the marbles, so you might just as well. It's the only game in town worth playing from the standpoint of your present stage of spiritual development.

As the month begins, you find yourself in the spotlight. Multiple planets are gathering in your sector of career and professional life, and you are undoubtedly on stage and dealing with it. Since Mercury is also retrograde in this same area of your chart, you are likely to be reviewing your position vis-à-vis your public or career-oriented affairs, seeking the deeper meaning. This is of course a reflective period of time that lasts all month long, including the time for Mercury to recover lost ground and get past its shadow. This is a particularly intense retrograde period, especially at the peak moments, one of which took place at the end of last month while another comes along with Mercury's shift to direct motion in the middle of this one. You are also in major flux right now regarding the effect of significant partnerships on your life and feeling the pinch of your own security needs. With the Taurus Full Moon of the first weekend of the month, taking place early on Sunday morning, November 5th, you are feeling a climactic surge from the cumulative effects of all this transformational energy. You are investing strongly in your own future at this time, bringing others around you into the picture, although careful that it is not too much. This is a powerful as well as a confusing time of great potential changes that are in the works. Yet since all this rests on the shaky foundation of the retrograde period, even if you see your way to a clear path forward, it may be best not to act on it just yet. The Last Quarter Moon of the following weekend, coming along on Sunday, November 12th, represents another turning point, when you might become more aware of your limitations with respect to the issues that you are currently confronting. You also might be at the point of putting more confidence at this time in the advice of helpful partners. You need to see your entire process as a whole right now, and that includes others but most importantly yourself. Your faith is being tried but may yet prove resilient enough to hold up to the test. With the following weekend, as Mercury changes directions, and your ruler Uranus does also, the mechanism of your career energy might shift. This happens just before the fortunate New Moon of Monday, November 20th. This month represents a powerful cycle of great movement both in the realm of career and finance, and for your ongoing transformation of values. It has its challenges as well as its rewards, and the trick is not to take the one as more valuable than the other.

Pisces Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Mutable Water. Your ruling planets are Neptune and Jupiter.

It's a time of internal trials, Pisces, but not so much in the event oriented realm of the senses. You are spending your time these days half in and half out of that so-called reality anyway. The struggle that is grabbing your attention, and that forms a prelude to great strides in your outer world presentation toward the end of the month, is more philosophical in dimension, as you attempt to come into greater alignment with recent mental evolution. It helps to remember that the fuzzy stuff of outer events actually takes its shape from the hard bright objects that are your ideas.

As the month begins, you are feeling your way forward into an incredibly important and transformative time, when the philosophical ground that you stand on is shifting under your feet. These are the values and belief systems that you have chosen to live by, in a life-long process of association and absorption of your cultural milieu. Now this perspective is the fulcrum of your ongoing transformation, levering you into greater integration of all your parts. Truly can you say right now, along with the poet Tennyson, that "all experience is an arch" where through gleams that unexplored horizon whose margin fades forever and forever when you move. At the time of the Taurus Full Moon, taking place on the first weekend of the month, early on Sunday morning, November 5th, you seek communication with others around you in an attempt to get your spiritual point across. Since Mercury is in retrograde all this month, your thought process is bound to be more internal than external. You are coming at the world from some deep place inside yourself at this time, and it helps to tell your story, granting you greater clarity for your own understanding. The Last Quarter Moon that follows a week later, on Sunday, November 12th, represents a collision of the ideal possibility of new growth amidst the limitations of actual circumstance. You are steering your ship by the stars of your own inner guidance, mostly, but you have to pay attention to what others have to say if only to avoid the rocks they dwell on, and that is where your most careful judgment is necessary. By the end of the week, Mercury changes direction and things may go easier, although it will take until after the end of the month before it leaves its retrograde shadow. The New Moon of Monday, November 20th is also an enormous turning point for you, when fresh career ideas are possible and your perception refocuses into a new vision for yourself and your world. As the next few weeks unfold, your career and professional life will definitely be off to a new start. Don't forget the bitter as you embrace the sweet. With each new beginning remember the arc of development that got you to this point.