Astrology of November 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aquarius Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

You are going down the same old road with a new vision, Aquarius, getting straight on your security needs while thinking and rethinking your activities in career and public life. Things may seem not to go right for you these days, while actually going very well from a cosmic perspective. Especially after the middle of the month, you are in the process of wedding heart and mind, public and private, rational decision-making and wild intuitive leaps, and the outcome is far from certain, or whether to truly go for it. But you are in for all the marbles, so you might just as well. It's the only game in town worth playing from the standpoint of your present stage of spiritual development.

As the month begins, you find yourself in the spotlight. Multiple planets are gathering in your sector of career and professional life, and you are undoubtedly on stage and dealing with it. Since Mercury is also retrograde in this same area of your chart, you are likely to be reviewing your position vis-à-vis your public or career-oriented affairs, seeking the deeper meaning. This is of course a reflective period of time that lasts all month long, including the time for Mercury to recover lost ground and get past its shadow. This is a particularly intense retrograde period, especially at the peak moments, one of which took place at the end of last month while another comes along with Mercury's shift to direct motion in the middle of this one. You are also in major flux right now regarding the effect of significant partnerships on your life and feeling the pinch of your own security needs. With the Taurus Full Moon of the first weekend of the month, taking place early on Sunday morning, November 5th, you are feeling a climactic surge from the cumulative effects of all this transformational energy. You are investing strongly in your own future at this time, bringing others around you into the picture, although careful that it is not too much. This is a powerful as well as a confusing time of great potential changes that are in the works. Yet since all this rests on the shaky foundation of the retrograde period, even if you see your way to a clear path forward, it may be best not to act on it just yet. The Last Quarter Moon of the following weekend, coming along on Sunday, November 12th, represents another turning point, when you might become more aware of your limitations with respect to the issues that you are currently confronting. You also might be at the point of putting more confidence at this time in the advice of helpful partners. You need to see your entire process as a whole right now, and that includes others but most importantly yourself. Your faith is being tried but may yet prove resilient enough to hold up to the test. With the following weekend, as Mercury changes directions, and your ruler Uranus does also, the mechanism of your career energy might shift. This happens just before the fortunate New Moon of Monday, November 20th. This month represents a powerful cycle of great movement both in the realm of career and finance, and for your ongoing transformation of values. It has its challenges as well as its rewards, and the trick is not to take the one as more valuable than the other.