Astrology of November 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Capricorn Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

Your future is calling, Capricorn. You are making ready with big plans and statements, and re-statements, of where on earth you are heading these days. Your situation is radically altering, as you get the full hit of your ongoing evolution. You are likely to be experiencing second thoughts regarding the direction that your life might be taking, with surprising and even startling new information contributing to your dilemma as the month unfolds. You benefit when you silently witness, waiting for the dust to settle until after the end of the month. It also may help to remember that while the mind thinks, the heart knows.

As the month begins, you are riding the wave of the previous New Moon in your fame sector, feeling the buzz of public achievement. It is all about the possibilities right now, as you traverse this period of internal reflection and misplaced outer connection referred to as the Mercury retrograde period of time. You are changing in the way that you think and feel about social gears that you plug into these days, and the group associations that you fancy, that lead the way for further exploration of networking your potentials. Friendships are also an important part of the story. The Full Moon of Sunday, November 5th creates waves of energy regarding the impact of others on your own life. What is at stake now, and the subject of your inner thoughts during this initial part of the month, is how and why you create the linkages in your life with others, including intimate connections with significant partners, and how the communication between you increases your own options for growth. All Capricorns, especially for those born near the middle of January, are engaged right now in some important restructuring. In a way it is a natural consequence of public achievement to wonder what comes next. As Mercury turns direct to begin the latter half of the month, you are perched on the edge of some important discoveries involving your own unique pathway forward. The New Moon that comes along a few days later, on Monday, November 20th, represents a fresh chance to see into more deeply into your own internal process. You may be finding after all that all you need for your journey of exploration is really inside yourself.