Astrology of November 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Gemini Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

Welcome to the roller coaster ride, Gemini. Your ticket is free for the asking. You are feeling the impulse to reinvent yourself these days, finding new concepts of service to the greater whole as perhaps an important component of your own development. Toward the end of the month your relationship energy slips into high gear, and leading up to that time, you will increasingly encounter surprising shifts in career and daily life. Attitude counts for a lot in these matters; it goes better when you refuse to clutch at the restraining bar and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

As the month begins, you are finding yourself mulling over what it means to be you in this world, a being with your own unique destiny to work out as you move through even the most simple of day-to-day concerns. This is the real thing, this life you have, your one life to live for and through and no other. It would be a shame to live it by anyone else's standards but your own. Since at least the end of last month you have been feeling your way forward into greater integration, toward a goal perhaps as yet relatively undefined, forging your intention into a new synthesis of heart and mind. This may be a time that is more internal than external, as you reflect on where your life is taking you with your ruler Mercury through your sector of discipleship to your higher purpose. The Full Moon that comes along in the first week of the month, on Sunday, November 5th, represents a period of sharing your concerns and feelings with others around you. You are reaching for a spiritual dimension of reality to help see you through. Communication with others is slowed down and also more intense at this time, approached with a serious cast of mind that makes it difficult to strike the right note. With the Last Quarter Moon a week later, taking place on Sunday, November 12th, there are important realizations to be gained in this area. You are beginning to make out what it takes to advance your agenda and seeing further into your situation also. There is an electric energy in your public statement right now that gives you information quite directly without needing to inquire. A sudden shock that could come at any time now is somehow expected. By the end of the week Mercury will turn around and all bets are off on whether the connections will be made suddenly or in slow mo or not at all. The New Moon that comes on Monday, November 20th, is something of a celebration for you, and a powerful reminder of the vital importance of partnership in your life. But while partnership is a key element you are also enjoined to remember that your viewpoint is unique to yourself and no other.