Astrology of November 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

Your transformation continues apace this month, Leo. You are exploring new places and seeking new dimensions right in the midst of your own home base that holds your emotional security and allows you to reach out to others from its steady support. That support might be a little shaky right now. You are rearranging the furniture that you are standing on, so better not reach for the ceiling just yet. There will be time for that later after you have seen what there is to see when you direct your gaze inward, to a place that you may be viewing as if for the very first time.

As the month begins, you are in a reflective and quietly fertile period of time with Mercury through your home and family sector. This is an ideal time to take a look at your inner motivation, what really makes you tick. It's a real trick to look, simply to look, without judgment, denial, or blame for yourself or anyone else for that matter. Taking action is another thing, and that can come later, however much you may feel like doing something more immediately. You are changing deep within yourself and it will eventually open many doors. At the time of the Full Moon you are feeling these and other issues more urgently and with the desire to share your new outlook as part of your public statement and professional direction. This is an exciting time when many surprising factors could come into view, perhaps through the agency of others in your life. You are getting more serious about your commitment to yourself and to others around you, but there is playfulness there as well, if you can reach for it, that helps you to realize the transience of life events. You are in flux in any case, and making the mistakes that you make as you go along, as well as the successes, and it doesn't have to be so heavy. It's a good feeling to recognize that all that you can come to is just the best that you can do in each circumstance, and then to let it go. Mercury turns direct on the 17th, which may clear the air somewhat. When the New Moon takes place a few days later on Monday, November 20th, there is a tug of war going on within you biased toward optimism and faith in your process. New information that comes to you at this time may be the key to unlock some level of your understanding that was hitherto dark and unknown territory, unmarked on any map. There is joy in the mix of sadness, relief in the midst of pain, and the dawning of a new resolve.