Astrology of November 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Pisces Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Mutable Water. Your ruling planets are Neptune and Jupiter.

It's a time of internal trials, Pisces, but not so much in the event oriented realm of the senses. You are spending your time these days half in and half out of that so-called reality anyway. The struggle that is grabbing your attention, and that forms a prelude to great strides in your outer world presentation toward the end of the month, is more philosophical in dimension, as you attempt to come into greater alignment with recent mental evolution. It helps to remember that the fuzzy stuff of outer events actually takes its shape from the hard bright objects that are your ideas.

As the month begins, you are feeling your way forward into an incredibly important and transformative time, when the philosophical ground that you stand on is shifting under your feet. These are the values and belief systems that you have chosen to live by, in a life-long process of association and absorption of your cultural milieu. Now this perspective is the fulcrum of your ongoing transformation, levering you into greater integration of all your parts. Truly can you say right now, along with the poet Tennyson, that "all experience is an arch" where through gleams that unexplored horizon whose margin fades forever and forever when you move. At the time of the Taurus Full Moon, taking place on the first weekend of the month, early on Sunday morning, November 5th, you seek communication with others around you in an attempt to get your spiritual point across. Since Mercury is in retrograde all this month, your thought process is bound to be more internal than external. You are coming at the world from some deep place inside yourself at this time, and it helps to tell your story, granting you greater clarity for your own understanding. The Last Quarter Moon that follows a week later, on Sunday, November 12th, represents a collision of the ideal possibility of new growth amidst the limitations of actual circumstance. You are steering your ship by the stars of your own inner guidance, mostly, but you have to pay attention to what others have to say if only to avoid the rocks they dwell on, and that is where your most careful judgment is necessary. By the end of the week, Mercury changes direction and things may go easier, although it will take until after the end of the month before it leaves its retrograde shadow. The New Moon of Monday, November 20th is also an enormous turning point for you, when fresh career ideas are possible and your perception refocuses into a new vision for yourself and your world. As the next few weeks unfold, your career and professional life will definitely be off to a new start. Don't forget the bitter as you embrace the sweet. With each new beginning remember the arc of development that got you to this point.