Astrology of November 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Fixed Water. Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

This is a powerful period of time for you Scorpio. You are in a great place of self-acceptance and vitality in this your birthday month, but seeking something extra. Radical enlightenment comes your way just when you least expect it. The swirl of energies around your door is epic and the stories may be also. You are peering over the edge of the fertile darkness that is the source of all creativity, drawn by a new series of thoughts and some old ones recycled. It's the traditional uncarved block of Zen. What will you find when everything that is not really you is removed?

As the month begins, you are entering into a very special cycle, a period when you are the focus and the subject of your own adventure, and yet somehow also a spectator to it. This is a time of transformation, and that goes for everyone, but for you the meaning is immediate and quite literal. You are both steadying down and opening up in some very new and different ways. What else could be the fundamental cornerstone of this period in your life but change? The one thing that you do know is that you are alive to the moment as you are currently living through it, and that is perhaps most important of all. With the Full Moon that comes along in the first weekend of the month, early on Sunday, November 5th, you are contemplating the quintessential other as an essential part of your arc of development, a mirror for your own process of growth. You are experiencing yourself as a multitude these days, seeing self-creation at each next turn of the road, reveling in your worldly powers while at the same time downplaying them and seeking to transcend their simplicity. There will likely be a collision of sorts at the time of the Last Quarter Moon taking place exactly one week later, when professional commitments threaten to outweigh personal and private ones to the detriment of both. With the retrograde of Mercury going on all month in your identity sector you are not quite sure of who or what you are although things may go better when you strive to maintain your awareness that everything around you is in flux. At the end of this second full week, when Mercury turns to direct motion, there may be some sort of answer, but still it will be December before it leaves its retrograde shadow. The New Moon that follows a few days later, on the following Monday, November 20th, the week of Thanksgiving, is fortunate for you in circumstance and perhaps in terms of dollars also. You are leading yourself out now along a different branch of your own spiritual highway, through a transmutation of values, toward the distinctly receding horizon of your evolving persona.