Astrology of December 2006
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aries Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Cardinal Fire. Your ruling planet is Mars.

You are definitely still a work in progress at this time, Aries, as Winter approaches and the seasons begin to change along with you. Expansive modes of thought and new horizons, both literal and figurative, beckon. Lately your resolve to be yourself is matched only by your determination to sync up with the big picture plan for your life's adventure. You are making your move for higher mind knowledge, getting into the game that has ultimate spiritual consequences for you, a game that you are playing for keeps.

As the month begins, you are likely finding a great deal of excitement in travel possibilities that may not take you out of your customary armchair but still give you a different perspective on things. There is a major shift in the works for you over this first week of the month. You will find the joy of exploration as well as some sadness in what you are leaving behind, which is to say, certain parts of your old self that have outlived their relevance to your current life path. One milestone on this road will be at the time of the Full Moon, while another comes in the weekend following, perhaps in the form of a joyous celebration of new pathways. A passage that comes with the Last Quarter Moon of Tuesday, December 12th, on the other hand marks a visible and profoundly felt limitation in your self-expression, a feeling perhaps of closed doors rather than openings but with also a sense of accomplishment in that you can see your way clear to necessary changes at this time. The New Moon that follows a week later, on Wednesday, December 20th, represents changes to your perspective in a big way. These are life enhancing rather than life threatening, although it is equally true that some part of you must die in order for the birth to really begin.