Astrology of February 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

You are entering into a time of renewed commitment, Leo, as you widen the circle to include others in your life more fully. A mystical pattern of connection this month with potentially life-changing partners is sometimes confusing and yet ultimately rewarding. There will be the inevitable slowing down of your individual momentum, as well as other complexities to deal with, especially with the extended meditation represented by the Mercury retrograde period, beginning on February 13th, that takes place in your sector of intimacy and personal transformation. But enlightenment comes to you through significant partners at this time, and you really can't afford to miss out on that, or to avoid signing up.

As the month begins, with a dynamic Full Moon in your sign, the balance point between self and other is fully emphasized for you. This comes at a time in your cycle of development when you are seeking balance at many different levels: outer form versus mystical attachment to the divine inner Self within, and as well the past versus the present. You are taking up the next stage of addressing and integrating the residue of the past in terms of old patterns of relationship with significant partners, and the boundary of exactly where the other person leaves off and you begin. The time of the Last Quarter Moon, on the 10th, and the days leading up to it, also represent a period of definite growth and new insight. The Last Quarter Moon is traditionally when you begin to find out about the initiatives of the past three weeks, what is viable and what simply doesn't work. There strength to be gleaned either way. The Mercury retrograde period begins on Tuesday, the 13th, and lasts six weeks or so in total, including its retrograde shadow. This is another period of time when the difference between the good news and the bad news is subtle and not easily distinguished, for there is wisdom in the suffering. Going to the inside as the retrograde seems to incline, while difficult in terms of outer achievement, missed schedules and mechanical breakdowns and all, can be extraordinarily good for your soul. Over this entire monthly cycle, you are making an attempt to steer your course by the inner firmament as well as the more visible outer one. You will only succeed on terms that matter when you accomplish both. Leaving either the mystical or the purely physical side of life out of the picture is not really an option right now, although you may sometimes wish that it were. The New Moon that comes along in your relationship sector around the 17th of the month is similarly perverse; starting your motor up while you still must keep a low profile in order to take full advantage of the quality of the time. You are beginning an initiative whose eventual outcome will be seen only with the passage of time, a beginning that is also an ending, as your previous existence little by little slips away.