Astrology of February 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Sagittarius Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Mutable Fire. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

The gears of your change machine are still revolving this month, Sagittarius, maybe more powerfully than ever. As you emerge from a winter of transformation you are feeling yourself continuing to blossom, stretching for serious fun and fully engaged spontaneity. Communication outreach is important right now, and connects you to a larger center. In some subtle ways, while remaining committed, you have it in you to really lighten up. You are digging down into the depths of your unconscious for both personal and professional wisdom, entering into a simultaneously joyous and paradoxically heavy lightness of being.

As the month begins, the Full Moon in your sector of higher mind presents you with plenty of food for thought. You are being stretched both philosophically and personally, as reflected in your outreach to others around you. There is some fuzzy thinking that is going on right now that can be frustrating, but perhaps this is only symptom of a deeper meaning. You are in the process of coming to terms with a multi-dimensional form of thought that in one way represents a radical departure from a hard-nosed reality orientation, and yet in another way remains in perfect harmony with it. This is an essentially optimistic period of time for you, when you are moving past previously held barriers of perception, a time when sudden breakthrough is possible. In spite of appearances, the world is formed of soft fluffy substance, shaped by the diamond hard bodies of your thoughts and intentions, a concept that is becoming familiar as this monthly cycle unfolds. The Last Quarter Moon of the 9th and 10th represents a time when collisions might occur between your ideas about the world as it might be and your conception of the world as it is. This can be stressful, as can the communication mishaps that are another hallmark of this time-period for you, especially later in the month, but in an a flash the apparent contradiction may vanish as you see that everything is entirely dependent on your point of view. It's a difficult exercise to hold both ideas together, simultaneously, in your brain, but well worth it for you in the long run if you can manage it. The Mercury retrograde period of time that begins a few days later on the 13th creates more uncertainty and reminds you of the limitations of pragmatic real-world approaches, as missed communications become even more the norm. When the New Moon dawns in the morning hours of Saturday February 17th, you are one stage further along to the metamorphosis implicit in this monthly exercise in patience and expanded thinking. As difficult as some aspects of this period may be, there is a cosmic beauty in it also. It helps to realize that there is a big-picture viewpoint from high above the fray in which everything looks much different, and even sane.