Astrology of May 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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The Astrology of May focuses on Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, or joyous abandon and rugged practicality mixed with unexpected epiphany. Jupiter and Saturn remain in trine throughout May, signifying a time of increased and increasing social awareness. It is becoming fashionable to not only be concerned about the fate of the planet but to actually begin doing something about it. Innovation of all kinds is also in the air, as Jupiter squares Uranus once more this year, having initiated this phase of their dance last January. Saturn remains inconjunct to Uranus, indicating that adjustment to our thought process and the structure of our endeavors is required.

All through May and on into June, as Uranus enters into the planetary pattern with Jupiter and Saturn, it thereby brings a touch of crazy brilliance to our process of growth and restructuring that is on-going right now. Jupiter in square aspect with Uranus heralds the formation of novel ideas, new solutions to our pressing social problems, and in combination with Saturn, the shove that attempts to put aside the static and non-functioning elements of our personal and collective equations. Bob Dylan, with Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in his own chart, penned some of his most memorable lines during such a configuration, in the early sixties. Uranus in combination with Pluto was in fact the hallmark of that radical period. Since Uranus is coming into its square with Pluto over the next few years, the first dynamic interchange between them since that time, radical revolutionary transformation may be returning, none too soon for the sake of our planet and for all of us living together within its fragile bounty.

Dylan's words, still echoing down the corridors of time, neatly sum up the pressure of the new era that is once again dawning, and the collision of Saturn and Uranus taking place in the current skies:

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land
And don't criticize what you can't understand;
Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command,
Your old road is rapidly aging.
Please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a'changing

Transits to the U.S. Chart

USA Chart

As we wrote about last month, the New Moons lately have been extremely transformative regarding public opinion in this country, since they aspect transiting Pluto, which currently sextiles U.S. Moon, in March by square, and last month by trine. This month a more subtle inconjunct is formed, which also squares transiting Neptune. The middle of last month was indeed an important time of changing awareness for the American public. Revelations of public malfeasance have continued, with questions regarding deleted emails from presidential advisor and Assistant Chief of Staff Karl Rove, in connection with the issue of exactly who outed CIA covert agent Valerie Plame, which just won't go away. She is the wife of Joseph Wilson, who made remarks critical to the White House, regarding the use of trumped-up intelligence in the lead-up to the war. His comments appeared in early July 2003, and she was outed to the press, a felony in the case of a covert agent, just two weeks later. In my article The Ides of June, I have pointed out that transits to U.S. Chiron seem to reflect the national outrage regarding this action, in which the nation's leaders, the very ones that we expect to uphold the law, are actually in violation of the law. Since Saturn was moving into its opposition with Neptune at this time in trine and sextile to the U.S. Chiron position, the timing fits very well with these earlier observations. In fact, the Saturn / Neptune transiting midpoint at the time of the mid-April New Moon was within a few minutes of the same degree that U.S. Chiron occupies in Aries in the U.S. chart. This month and next, as this opposition draws closer, U.S. Chiron and its sextile with U.S. Mars, representing the military, is even more closely aspected.

Then, just on the eve of last month's New Moon, the Virginia Tech shooting once again brought home the reality of violence even within the safe haven of America. There were issues of neglected warning signs in this tragedy that reflect, in my view, the lack of emphasis on health and human services of this current political climate. It is an irony that so many young people died as a result of these policies of neglect, while one can't help thinking also about the young people dying every day in Iraq, both Arab and American, as a result of these same misguided priorities.

In the current month's transits, we might expect similar thought-provoking information to surface as the week of May 14th begins, with the mid-week New Moon of May 16th taking place again in aspect to transiting Neptune and Pluto. These revelations may perhaps again involve the myriad deceptions practiced in the run-up to the war, since the natal Neptune-Mars square in the U.S. chart is activated, as is once again the U.S. Moon position, representing public opinion. The calls for impeachment of the White House oil men might be getting louder and more insistent. The spiritual lesson for all of us at this time is to take our own authority, no matter what the cost, and in spite of any attempts to co-opt it, for only by changing ourselves can we truly change the world around us.

Current Configurations

The TaurusScorpio Full Moon that nearly begins the month, on Wednesday, May 2nd (Full Moon Chart), makes a square with Chiron in Aquarius. The Chiron / Neptune midpoint is also activated during the first part of May, being exactly opposed to Saturn in Leo. Since Mars conjuncts Uranus in Pisces, as it aspects Jupiter and Saturn, this is an active and enlightening time when anything can happen.

Then the Last Quarter Moon of the middle of the next week, taking place on Wednesday, May 9th (Last Quarter Moon Chart), is definitely a time of testing. This is traditionally the time of the "crisis in consciousness" that Dane Rudhyar spoke of so eloquently, when we have the gift of seeing what does and does not work for us, and gain the concomitant wisdom in evaluating our situation. In addition to the square of Sun to Moon, the Moon exactly conjuncts Chiron and Neptune, opposing Saturn, and therefore brings the polarity of the forming SaturnNeptune opposition neatly into the picture. Jupiter meanwhile continues to square Uranus, and trines Saturn exactly, so that a very lively configuration is formed. We definitely will grow in our understanding as we make our way through this mid-week period.

The New Moon of Wednesday, May 16th (New Moon Chart), of course represents a fresh start. Coming in late Taurus, at the 25 plus degree mark, this New Moon squares Neptune and is inconjunct to Pluto. Mars enters its own sign of Aries, while Venus in Cancer reflects universal love. Another powerfully transformative New Moon, in which the unworldly symbolism of Neptune is emphasized over the real-world expediency of Saturn, and yet undercut by that same practical energy.

The First Quarter Moon of the following week, taking place on Wednesday, May 23rd (First Quarter Moon Chart), has the usual overtones of making something happen, or failing in that attempt, a "crisis in action," and comes with the usual tension in the mix between the luminAries. The Sun is newly entered into Gemini, so the element balance has shifted, with Fire and Air, or process and communication, emphasized. Also, a Yod to Venus from Chiron and Jupiter gives a new twist to our relationship energy, bringing up old patterns of relationship dysfunction and the possibility of healing these patterns.

The Full Moon of the very last day of the month (called a "Blue Moon" since it is the second Full Moon in May Full Moon Chart) takes place in Gemini and Sagittarius. It follows the New Moon of the 16th and represents a flowering of that impulse for change. It also presages the Gemini New Moon of the middle of next month, which opposes Pluto and the Galactic Center. Since it conjuncts Jupiter and trines Mars in Aries, this is another active lunation that will continue to keep us on our toes. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon degree is mystical, "The path of realism in experience," something that is very much with us right now, in this time of contrast, as we transition toward June and the perfecting SaturnNeptune opposition. We must continue to seek to find the real in the magical unreal or we lose one important side of the equation.

The indications for each Sun Sign over this month are given below. Be sure to check out your Rising Sign as well, if you know it. You can now log in to My AstroGraph, or sign up for a new account for a free calculation and interpretation of your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign. Please note that dates given in this column for astrological events are based on U.S. Pacific Time Zone (UTC +8), for other locations dates may need to be adjusted depending on the number of hours of separation.

Aries Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Cardinal Fire. Your ruling planet is Mars.

This is the time to swing open all the doors that were previously closed to you. Your self-expression has been somewhat stifled of late, but you are making a serious point of view adjustment right now, and the middle of May is your coming out party. Joy enters your life in greater proportion, the gain begins to exceed the pain, and gregarious sociability replaces stodgy and stuck. If you can let go of your attachment to specific outcomes then the only rule is that there are no rules at all.

As the month begins, you are feeling somewhat lost in space, or in the vast and yeasty territory behind and beyond your conscious mind. Your serious sense of purpose has it's place here, somehow, as you strive to more perfectly identify what you are aiming for, and just how losing your pain and finding yourself all over again in the planes of existence that transcend the merely physical might ultimately serve you. As the Full Moon of May 2nd hits, you may find yourself shaken to the core. This could be a benefit when you consider that no meaningful reconstruction is possible without taking a jackhammer to the concrete of past experience, when it serves as blinders to the present. You are getting ready to build anew and the necessity of change is seeking to percolate its way into your awareness. The blow will be lessoned to the extent that you can be alert to the full range of your possibilities, and to your own inner world. The Last Quarter Moon of the following week emphasizes potential limitations to your goals. You may find yourself stuck in some way, perhaps dwelling in the past rather than looking freely toward the future, although this too is a useful endeavor. This is a time for growth in perspective rather than material affairs, a passage to get though. The New Moon of the following week, taking place on Wednesday, May 16th, represents a fresh start with accomplishment, the more so since your ruler Mars also enters your sign at this time. You are finding a powerful place for your dreams to take root, in the midst of an essentially positive time period that will keep on giving inspiration as the weeks unfold. The First Quarter Moon of the 23rd will also likely be another time of testing and trial. It helps to remember that any obstacles that you encounter are there for your ultimate edification and help you to gain clarity, however hazy the future seems to be in the current moment.

Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is your time to shine. A month of major changes in perspective and values culminates in communication break-through by the end of May. Each week of this period brings a different set of potential challenges and necessary adjustments to your ideas. The mid-May New Moon in your sign brings forward some issues that enable greater scope to your inquiry and propel you into a more vibrant future. It's comforting to realize that everything that you need from the universe is already there, only waiting for you to take up the invitation.

As the month begins, you are opening up to greater and more expansive connection with others, while still striving to refine your sense of self and to better define where and how you find your safe haven within the bounds of your own personal space. You are rebuilding in some sense and you may find new inspiration that will carry you far, so long as you are able to relax and let the flow of your life move forward. The Full Moon of May 2nd brings a sense of partnership with others firmly into the picture. You are seeking integration of the disparate parts of yourself and while it may not come easily, you are poised on the very edge of a successful outcome. A week later on May 9th, at the time of the Last Quarter, you may find that the way through to what you are attempting is more difficult than you originally guessed, although there is also the strong possibility of stylish breakthrough in unexpected ways. In any case, there will be a learning experience. The New Moon that comes along in the middle of the following week, on Wednesday, May 16th, represents the mystical possibility unfolding itself in your life more entirely. Can you hold onto both ends of the horns of your dilemma at the very same time, and, like the bull dancers of olden times leap gracefully between them? The results may surprise and even amaze you. Over the latter half of the month you are riding this wave of heartful accomplishment, and reaping the rewards in proportion to your ability to keep your footing.

Gemini Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

This is a big era for mystical progress, as you extend your dream-world orientation into the realms of direct experience. The fertile inner spaces of your imagination might actually seem more real at this time than the waking-world that you normally inhabit. Your career is in motion, sometimes abruptly, and yet you will not fully and satisfactorily achieve your aims if you do not pay serious homage to your growing awareness of planes of reality beyond the merely mundane. Opportunity and responsibility abound for you throughout this time, but the real importance of what you are trying to achieve takes on an entirely different meaning.

As the month begins, you are finding a stand somewhere deep inside your mind, where wonderful epiphanies will take place if you let them. With the Full Moon that begins the month, your communication with others is determined in an utterly soft way, as you strive to concretely express the more mystical dimensions of your experience. This is obviously a tricky place to find yourself, suspended over empty space as it were, and you can't be blamed if you sometimes look down and begin to fall. You can catch yourself by repeating the magic phrase that only you know and can fully understand. Have confidence in yourself and you will find it. At the time of the Last Quarter Moon that comes along a week later, on May 9th, your philosophy is shifting to accommodate the results of the past few weeks of intelligence gathering, information of a practical and also a totally impractical variety. You are learning to let the past go, and to re-write the scripts of former trauma, especially as regards your failures to believe in yourself completely. Voices that used to whisper negative inside your head may have no more validity than that B-movie down the block that you saw as a child, and no more power to restrain your breakthrough into a new world or your own making. It is still up to you to devise a more appropriate ending. The New Moon a week later on, taking place on Wednesday, May 16th, represents an opportunity to fully reinvent yourself along more metaphysically consistent lines, a time when you can go forward with everything that you have always wanted, leaving doubt behind, always of course providing that you are willing to allow these good things to happen. In any case you are the richer for the experience of this mid-month period of time, the more so the more you let your imagination have free reign. The First Quarter Moon of the following week, on May 23rd, represents a testing time, when you might have to fight for what you want, and when you might be forced to make adjustments to your vision, but you have the angels fundamentally on your side. As you come into your birthday time, and the accompanying celebration, your world may be reborn also.

Cancer Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Cardinal Water. Your ruling planet is TheMoon.

You are re-awakening into wholeness during the course of this monthly cycle. A sudden blossoming of your presence in the world is made possible by a compassionate reassessment of your possibilities and also by recognizing old patterns of connection and how these no longer serve you in the present moment. This is an excellent time to vision new possibilities for yourself into being, especially after mid-May, when relationship issues may also predominate in a way that is ultimately productive of fortunate outcomes for yourself and everyone around you. Sometimes the only way up and through is down and in.

As the month begins, the Gods are conspiring with you in a move toward powerful self-expression, and rampant creativity. You have a very practical and yet also self-sacrificing attitude these days, and it may be buying you karmic points. There is magic in perspective shifts and you certainly have that going for you, being quite fluid in the belief department at this time. Nothing is real unless you think it so, and if you can think it up then you can think it down as well. The Full Moon of the 2nd and the Last Quarter Moon that comes along a week later are both very miraculous periods in this regard, the latter perhaps more so, although with more tension in the mix of energies. You may find yourself easing out of old patterns of intimacy by letting them dissolve quietly in the light of mutual understanding. The past is prologue, and the outlines of your future self shine though the present moment. The New Moon of the following week, taking place on Wednesday, May 16th, is again a very special moment in time, connecting you with your angels and guides and chasing the past away. This week and on into the weekend is an excellent time to vision new possibilities for yourself into being. You have both a disciplined and determined and also a devotional attitude right now that will take you as far as you will let it carry you. Be very careful what you wish for at this time as it is likely to come true. The trick is to be absolutely clear about what you are attempting to manifest in your life, and then to let it go, leaving the details and even the eventual results in the hands of Spirit. After all, we rarely if ever have a complete understanding of where we are heading, but that should never stop us from setting out on our journey, as long as we can learn to be okay with equally letting go of specific outcomes. Once you have set your plans in motion, and let go of the eventual result, if you act in a way that is consistent with your dreams then you will never fail.

Leo Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Fixed Fire. Your ruling planet is TheSun.

A new day is dawning for you in this timeframe, as unexpected and even startling transformation comes to you. Stages of relative confusion and break-through come in waves. You are impinging upon the world in some new and different ways, based on previous conceptual shifts and an optimistic notion of putting your best foot forward no matter what. You are finally getting it that the universe is your friend. Even temporary setbacks may be blessings if you look at them right, the training wheels for the vehicle of your ultimate triumph when all the gears eventually align.

As the month begins, you are successfully involved in outer forms of activity and yet equally finding yourself invested in the interior dimensions of your experience, getting familiar with yourself at deeper levels. This inner world comes up for you in many ways, not least in terms of discerning old patterns of relationship that you have outgrown, and that are now ripe for discard. There are issues from the past that are likely to come up for you regarding relationship, or self-concept, that are artifacts of an earlier state of mind, and no longer appropriate to your current stage of evolutionary maturity. The Last Quarter Moon of the second week of the month is difficult, and could bring up further polarities in your situation. As always with the limitations of either-or dualistic thinking, a third way must be found in order to rise above the horns of the dilemma to a new synthesis. The New Moon of the following week, coming along on Wednesday, May 16th, represents a fresh start for you on many levels. You are forging a new path through the world at this time, and career and professional life are definitely one phase of that renewal, as well as taking account of these issues of self and other that have been coming up during these previous weeks. A compassionate approach that seeks unity with others is contrasted with one that serves strictly your own nature, in your own way, as you seek to develop yourself still further. There is also the important place within yourself of finding your own sense of authority versus the consensus thinking of the world around you. The remainder of the month brings up more such issues and, thankfully, their solutions also. There is a temptation to adhere to the point of view admired in the eyes of the world, but the less you are swayed by the opinions of others the more you can find your own way home to a better sense of integration with yourself and eventually a better and more balanced sense of true partnership with others.

Virgo Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Mutable Earth. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

New beginnings at this time are productive, fun and also scary. Your philosophy is shifting to include a much bigger picture. Partnership interactions at this time are throwing you some curve balls, and yet can prove startlingly beneficial in their ultimate impact as they provide lightning-like flashes of inspiration. You are reaching out for solid ground where none really exists, walking on water metaphorically, and the amazing thing is that you can pull it off. Your motion forward into achievement is currently based on a deep-seated spiritual understanding that supports you entirely so long as you firmly refuse to even consider looking down.

As the month begins, you are exploring your depths in such a way as to change your world view considerably by the time you are done. You are all about eventually coming into your power in a brand new way, seeing new possibilities for yourself, but first you must put to rest some ghosts of the past that have continued to haunt you into the present day. Perhaps your concerns might be with too much helpful service to friends and family members. You must always be careful, of course, to differentiate the gift of yourself freely given, which operates on a very high plane, from a martyr-like attitude that can stem from dysfunction. These types of issues are likely to reach their crux at the time of the Last Quarter Moon, taking place in the middle of the second week of the month, on May 9th. At this time there may be some sources of tension in the mix, or areas of conflict with others, that serve to let you know just what is and isn't working for you in this regard. The New Moon a week later, taking place on Wednesday, May 16th, might put the seal on changes in perspective that you are going through or perhaps exacerbate the issues that give rise to them and therefore increase your basis of knowledge. You are asked to make adjustments at this time, to areas of your life that do not fit smoothly with your new vision for yourself, or that come from a place inside yourself that is no longer current with your present evolutionary state of being. The First Quarter Moon of the following week, taking place on May 23rd, traditionally symbolizes another time of trial when you begin to find out what action you concretely need to take in order to make the most of your opportunities, a "crisis of action" as termed by American Astrologer Dane Rudhyar. During this entire monthly period, you are struggling with birthing a new sense of yourself, so take everything that comes along as grist for your mill. There are likely to be many surprises along the way, especially in terms of partnership with others, perhaps productive of the graceful errors that can correct the limitations of your vision if you allow them full access.

Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

You are moving into a new orientation over the course of this month, slowly but surely. Changes in outlook lead you deeper into yourself and you cannot help transforming in your way of being, perhaps finally putting to rest some old demons from the past, or more fully accepting your spiritual center as an integral part of your reality. Career and professional life becomes an increasing focus as this period unwinds. Your progress in the world right now depends on finding a concentrated and sustained connection with Spirit inside as your strong foundation. You are seeking an amalgam of solid ground and compassionate ideal that allows for a more integrated solution.

As the month begins you are experiencing new facets of your crazy diamond through your interactions with others. You are in a period of spiritual transformation right now, reaching for a new high water mark in your relationship with the cosmos. You have been in touch with some profound learning experiences recently, and you are getting ready to step up to the plate and hit the next pitch out of the ballpark, so to speak, provided that you have fully absorbed these lessons and are willing to use them as future guideposts. The Full Moon of May 2nd aligns with your values and your higher mind perspective on everything that has happened to you over the past few weeks, while the Last Quarter Moon in the middle of the second week of the month bespeaks a new form of self-expression that takes into account past limitations and find a way to transcend them while still observing a sense of their necessary limitation. You are getting real concrete regarding your unfolding future, a future that you can not only live with but for. Having the courage of your convictions and going forward in spite of anything while still staying true to the practicalities takes a special kind of wisdom, content with what is rather than what may be. The New Moon of the following week, taking place on Wednesday, May 16th, represents a new jumping off place, a stand for the future that still takes the past into account, and the potential for new relationship expression that more fully represents your values and resources. There may also be the pull of the ideal to contend with, which may possibly be confusing, and you still must mediate between possibility and actuality, but you are off to a good start for a vibrant second half of the month. The First Quarter Moon of May 23rd represents another testing time, when you are once again caught on the cross-hairs of decision, but having faith in your ultimate progress takes you far, as always in this life.

Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Fixed Water. Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

You are finding yourself right now in the context of partnership, exploring new ways of taking others in your life more fully into account. The May 2nd Full Moon in your sign gives you positive assurance that everything is different at soul-level as you embark upon a voyage of discovery toward a new world of your own design. Your comfort level is high and you are experiencing good luck with the material side of your existence these days. On into June, transformation again becomes your middle name as you find that the fullest fruits of your experience may depend on opening up the structure of your life to include not only others in it, but a deeper perspective, joyfully aware of the salient fact that you can never step into the same river twice.

As the month begins, you are likely feeling quite centered with the Moon in your sign, and the Full Moon taking place there on the 2nd. The Sun opposes the Moon, and partnerships of all kinds are emphasized in your life at this time. You are pursuing a spiritual mandate to erase your separation from Spirit, at least so far as this is concretely possible in this earthly vehicle, and you may find that sense of mission working itself out in your relationships with others during this monthly cycle. Perhaps the principle most relevant here is that we are all splinters of the divine light spreading its way through the world. With the Last Quarter Moon of the second week of the month, you might find issues of public and private, self and other, coming up for understanding and eventual healing. This is a time when you must bend to circumstance, and yet also find the right time and place to assert yourself, as necessary. Discrimination is key. The New Moon of the following week, taking place on Wednesday, May 16th, represents a fresh start in relationship with others, a time when the accumulated wisdom of the past few weeks becomes set into motion. This is a great time for visioning what you want and going for it. Your presence in the world comes with a strong commitment at this time to work things out, and to adopt a service orientation where everybody wins, so that this may be your moment of breakthrough for some troubling issues that you have been contending with. Remember to take a fresh approach, and try hard not to be bound by past behavior, either yours or someone else's. You might be pleasantly surprised. The journey to the end of the month is not without its trials, as you move further into these same issues of partnership and transformation, but the accumulation of experience is on an upward spiral.

Sagittarius Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Mutable Fire. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

You are getting seriously and yet also light-heartedly excited about your path forward right now. The gods of change are calling you to come out and play, and the game is for keeps. It has to do with reliance on Spirit, and taking advantage of sudden opportunity that shakes you to your foundations, and accepting the necessity of your situation. You are being required to change. This is nothing new; you have been in serious transformation for many months now. But as your process continues you are becoming rock-solid in the midst of the whirlwind, and getting closer and closer to the realization that what you want to get out of the world and what the world wants to get out of you are one and the same.

As the month begins, you find yourself exploring concepts of service to others. The Full Moon in your sector of dreams from almost the very beginning of the month conditions you to this ideal. From a spiritual perspective, we are all one, and yet the dictates of life on planet Earth call for a certain degree of separate function. Mediating the balance between graceful giving of yourself to others and over-commitment to their concerns can of course be quite tricky. You are searching for the golden mean throughout this monthly cycle. The Last Quarter Moon takes place a week later on May 9th and represents a powerful time of potential conflict and emergent wisdom, as you grapple with the very nature of things and strive to find the land of eternal bliss behind the illusory reality. Your communication at this time is magical and inspired, and productive of changes in perspective as you sort out the wheat from the chaff. The New Moon that takes place one week further along, on Wednesday, May 16th, is another powerful moment symbolically as you seek to transform in response to the internal revelations that come fast and furious throughout the month. You are finding a new way forward through all this, and only need to maintain faith in your vision for yourself. There is the sadness of parting from a former existence, but also the joy of new beginnings. Faith in yourself is perhaps your strongest suit, and it will serve you well. The First Quarter Moon of the following week, coming along on May 23rd, takes you once again to a further station on your evolutionary railway to the stars, as relationship with significant partners in your life becomes a more integrated part of your picture, right through to the very end of the month.

Capricorn Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

The concept of infinite blessings confounds you at this time. The realization that worlds beyond worlds simultaneously exist within your energy field, though daunting, is also enormously exciting. An amorphous sense of possibilities colors your finances, which has the beneficial effect of reminding you that what shines is not always the gold that can be accessed in banks. Disembodied voices are calling, but it is up to you whether or not you respond. If you don't, an opportunity is missed, but there will be other and different ones for the future. The universe is patient with us. If you do answer the call, you'll plunge headlong through a doorway in your personal evolution that has been there waiting for you all this time.

As the month begins, the still small voice within your soul is continuing to whisper its secrets to you, and you do well to listen carefully. You are developing your compassionate side these days, and therefore stretching. The molting snake has nothing on you, who sheds his skin not because he wants to, but because he has to. That smaller container just doesn't seem to fit you any more. As you adjust to the new dimensions of your experience, over time, you might observe that the internal space far exceeds the exterior. The Last Quarter Moon, taking place in the second week of the month, on the 9th, represents a potentially trying time, when you might feel the need to make adjustments in your thinking. It is the path of wisdom to accept what you cannot change, even in yourself. The New Moon comes along in the following week, on Wednesday, May 16th, and you might feel pushed to new levels of spiritual integration through the path of struggle rather than the path of ease. Turning inside is a constantly rewarding and self-renewing experience. The benign intention of the Universe toward you becomes clearer as you go about watering your own garden. You will hear the voice of Spirit to exactly the extent that you let go of the world and sink into it, and when you succeed at this you succeed in all things. Suddenly you have the world around you back again, more beautifully alive than ever before.

Aquarius Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

This is a big season for you, especially in terms of your societal connection and your goals in general. You are being asked to open up to a series of glorious possibilities that await you, and you really do need to get on with forging a long-term future that really works for you. Partnership is powerful for you right now, and helps you to define the parameters of your success. What glitters for you now is not the fool's gold of material reward nor yet the accolades of consensus thinking but rather the true achievement of individual self-worth based on a life not only lived through but for.

As the month begins, you are delving into inner process, while still maintaining a strong worldly presence. This is a powerful monthly cycle for you in the midst of a powerful year. Your forward-looking nature is reveling in new possibilities, while at the same time a secondary focus on partnership has you thinking about the past in a new fashion, seeking to rewrite the script of former associations in a way that has you feeling more free, more ready to express your entire nature in communication with intimate partners. The Full Moon that begins the month, on Wednesday, May 2nd, is a time of trial and also of inner exploration. You may be returning to some previous conception of self as if for the very first time. The Last Quarter Moon, a week later, on the 9th, sets the stage for important revelations by exposing the flaws in your present condition. You may be forced, as the poet says, to abandon "your perfect offering," or that ideal of perfection, in order that the cracks can show up, and light be let into your situation. This is a trying time, but one that will produce wisdom in the fullness of perspective. This is also a time of transcending previous limitations, via a mental process, especially in the week leading up to the New Moon. This takes place on Wednesday, May 16th, and may serve to remind you of the infinite variety of possible outcomes for any given series of events, depending only your attitude to them. You are getting clear with your innermost self at this time, and with your relationships with significant others and with family members also, who may show you parts of yourself you have been avoiding looking at up to now. There is opportunity and boldness in this mid-month time that can be seized upon to ride as a wave to greater self-understanding and compassion. To know all may truly be to forgive all, and that motion must begin with yourself. The First Quarter Moon of the 23rd, in the middle of the next week, may bring further refinement to your process of growth. It is helpful to silently witness all your reactions at this time, whether or not you become triggered by events. All your reactions reveal your basic uniqueness, the person that you came into this lifetime to embody, the role that only you can fulfill, and this is a fact to be celebrated. The differences are there to express appearance, but all is unified at the core of life.

Pisces Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Mutable Water. Your ruling planets are Neptune and Jupiter.

You are continuing to break out of your self-imposed prison cell of old attitudes and useless judgments, finally going for the gusto in everything that you set your hand to. You are busy satisfying your own unique purpose right now. Communicating your innermost truth to others around you while you do so is crucial and helps to stabilize your adventure. Your education is proceeding by leaps and bounds as you tune into a more all-inclusive viewpoint and trim your sails appropriately for yours and no one else's journey. That way when the gusts of wind come, they propel you in the only way forward for you, personally; the direction that you have known all along that you needed to go.

As the month begins, you are focused on telling your deepest truth to others around you. You may feel that you need some form of external validation at this time for what is turning out to be a very active dream life that happens for you at the most internal levels and that is fully in contrast with the brightly burning world of the senses, and of external influence, that you also strongly inhabit these days. The Last Quarter Moon of May 9th brings a resolvable tension to your process. You are strong on service to others and being out in the world at this time, and equally committed to your own deep awareness as you stretch to encompass both poles of this fundamental polarity. The only way forward is to leap between the horns to a new synthesis, easier to say than to do, but still possible. You are all about possibility these days, especially at the time of the New Moon of Wednesday, May 16th, which naturally represents a new step forward, and which takes place in your communications sector. This is an excellent time for journaling, or indeed for any form of writing. You are filled with your own unique brand of crazy wisdom these days, and you might benefit from getting something down on paper. The First Quarter Moon of the following Wednesday, taking place on May 23rd, represents another testing time, when the rubber meets the road for successful implementation of your dreams for a better and more self-consistent future. You are pursuing your vision to the maximum at this time, finding the concretely realizable amidst the ideal possibility and seeking to go beyond previous conceptions while still allowing yourself to be reigned in by reasonable limitations. If you are tempted amidst all this contrast to succumb to despair, it may help to remember that you are the only one that matches your unique description and that you are therefore irreplaceable.