Astrology of May 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aquarius Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

This is a big season for you, especially in terms of your societal connection and your goals in general. You are being asked to open up to a series of glorious possibilities that await you, and you really do need to get on with forging a long-term future that really works for you. Partnership is powerful for you right now, and helps you to define the parameters of your success. What glitters for you now is not the fool's gold of material reward nor yet the accolades of consensus thinking but rather the true achievement of individual self-worth based on a life not only lived through but for.

As the month begins, you are delving into inner process, while still maintaining a strong worldly presence. This is a powerful monthly cycle for you in the midst of a powerful year. Your forward-looking nature is reveling in new possibilities, while at the same time a secondary focus on partnership has you thinking about the past in a new fashion, seeking to rewrite the script of former associations in a way that has you feeling more free, more ready to express your entire nature in communication with intimate partners. The Full Moon that begins the month, on Wednesday, May 2nd, is a time of trial and also of inner exploration. You may be returning to some previous conception of self as if for the very first time. The Last Quarter Moon, a week later, on the 9th, sets the stage for important revelations by exposing the flaws in your present condition. You may be forced, as the poet says, to abandon "your perfect offering," or that ideal of perfection, in order that the cracks can show up, and light be let into your situation. This is a trying time, but one that will produce wisdom in the fullness of perspective. This is also a time of transcending previous limitations, via a mental process, especially in the week leading up to the New Moon. This takes place on Wednesday, May 16th, and may serve to remind you of the infinite variety of possible outcomes for any given series of events, depending only your attitude to them. You are getting clear with your innermost self at this time, and with your relationships with significant others and with family members also, who may show you parts of yourself you have been avoiding looking at up to now. There is opportunity and boldness in this mid-month time that can be seized upon to ride as a wave to greater self-understanding and compassion. To know all may truly be to forgive all, and that motion must begin with yourself. The First Quarter Moon of the 23rd, in the middle of the next week, may bring further refinement to your process of growth. It is helpful to silently witness all your reactions at this time, whether or not you become triggered by events. All your reactions reveal your basic uniqueness, the person that you came into this lifetime to embody, the role that only you can fulfill, and this is a fact to be celebrated. The differences are there to express appearance, but all is unified at the core of life.