Astrology of May 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Capricorn Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

The concept of infinite blessings confounds you at this time. The realization that worlds beyond worlds simultaneously exist within your energy field, though daunting, is also enormously exciting. An amorphous sense of possibilities colors your finances, which has the beneficial effect of reminding you that what shines is not always the gold that can be accessed in banks. Disembodied voices are calling, but it is up to you whether or not you respond. If you don't, an opportunity is missed, but there will be other and different ones for the future. The universe is patient with us. If you do answer the call, you'll plunge headlong through a doorway in your personal evolution that has been there waiting for you all this time.

As the month begins, the still small voice within your soul is continuing to whisper its secrets to you, and you do well to listen carefully. You are developing your compassionate side these days, and therefore stretching. The molting snake has nothing on you, who sheds his skin not because he wants to, but because he has to. That smaller container just doesn't seem to fit you any more. As you adjust to the new dimensions of your experience, over time, you might observe that the internal space far exceeds the exterior. The Last Quarter Moon, taking place in the second week of the month, on the 9th, represents a potentially trying time, when you might feel the need to make adjustments in your thinking. It is the path of wisdom to accept what you cannot change, even in yourself. The New Moon comes along in the following week, on Wednesday, May 16th, and you might feel pushed to new levels of spiritual integration through the path of struggle rather than the path of ease. Turning inside is a constantly rewarding and self-renewing experience. The benign intention of the Universe toward you becomes clearer as you go about watering your own garden. You will hear the voice of Spirit to exactly the extent that you let go of the world and sink into it, and when you succeed at this you succeed in all things. Suddenly you have the world around you back again, more beautifully alive than ever before.