Astrology of May 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Sagittarius Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Mutable Fire. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

You are getting seriously and yet also light-heartedly excited about your path forward right now. The gods of change are calling you to come out and play, and the game is for keeps. It has to do with reliance on Spirit, and taking advantage of sudden opportunity that shakes you to your foundations, and accepting the necessity of your situation. You are being required to change. This is nothing new; you have been in serious transformation for many months now. But as your process continues you are becoming rock-solid in the midst of the whirlwind, and getting closer and closer to the realization that what you want to get out of the world and what the world wants to get out of you are one and the same.

As the month begins, you find yourself exploring concepts of service to others. The Full Moon in your sector of dreams from almost the very beginning of the month conditions you to this ideal. From a spiritual perspective, we are all one, and yet the dictates of life on planet Earth call for a certain degree of separate function. Mediating the balance between graceful giving of yourself to others and over-commitment to their concerns can of course be quite tricky. You are searching for the golden mean throughout this monthly cycle. The Last Quarter Moon takes place a week later on May 9th and represents a powerful time of potential conflict and emergent wisdom, as you grapple with the very nature of things and strive to find the land of eternal bliss behind the illusory reality. Your communication at this time is magical and inspired, and productive of changes in perspective as you sort out the wheat from the chaff. The New Moon that takes place one week further along, on Wednesday, May 16th, is another powerful moment symbolically as you seek to transform in response to the internal revelations that come fast and furious throughout the month. You are finding a new way forward through all this, and only need to maintain faith in your vision for yourself. There is the sadness of parting from a former existence, but also the joy of new beginnings. Faith in yourself is perhaps your strongest suit, and it will serve you well. The First Quarter Moon of the following week, coming along on May 23rd, takes you once again to a further station on your evolutionary railway to the stars, as relationship with significant partners in your life becomes a more integrated part of your picture, right through to the very end of the month.