Astrology of May 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

This is your time to shine. A month of major changes in perspective and values culminates in communication break-through by the end of May. Each week of this period brings a different set of potential challenges and necessary adjustments to your ideas. The mid-May New Moon in your sign brings forward some issues that enable greater scope to your inquiry and propel you into a more vibrant future. It's comforting to realize that everything that you need from the universe is already there, only waiting for you to take up the invitation.

As the month begins, you are opening up to greater and more expansive connection with others, while still striving to refine your sense of self and to better define where and how you find your safe haven within the bounds of your own personal space. You are rebuilding in some sense and you may find new inspiration that will carry you far, so long as you are able to relax and let the flow of your life move forward. The Full Moon of May 2nd brings a sense of partnership with others firmly into the picture. You are seeking integration of the disparate parts of yourself and while it may not come easily, you are poised on the very edge of a successful outcome. A week later on May 9th, at the time of the Last Quarter, you may find that the way through to what you are attempting is more difficult than you originally guessed, although there is also the strong possibility of stylish breakthrough in unexpected ways. In any case, there will be a learning experience. The New Moon that comes along in the middle of the following week, on Wednesday, May 16th, represents the mystical possibility unfolding itself in your life more entirely. Can you hold onto both ends of the horns of your dilemma at the very same time, and, like the bull dancers of olden times leap gracefully between them? The results may surprise and even amaze you. Over the latter half of the month you are riding this wave of heartful accomplishment, and reaping the rewards in proportion to your ability to keep your footing.