Astrology of September 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aquarius Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

You are entering into an important time of re-assessment, Aquarius. A new day is dawning for you this month that involves re-working your relationship dynamic with others in your life rather thoroughly, remolding these behavior patterns nearer to your heart's true desire. The very first few days of September are particularly powerful for you in this regard, and also the Solar Eclipse of Tuesday the 11th. You are thinking your way through to a new consciousness, with the awareness of different choices. It may be a fragile seedling still but one well worth nurturing.

As the month begins, with the Last Quarter Moon of Monday, September 3rd, you are opening your awareness up to a wider horizon, feeling a strong sense of optimism and the evolutionary pressure for powerful change. You are very tuned in to your future right now, and to your own self-expression, and how that relates to both your own issues and to the intimacy that you create with others also. With the New Moon and Solar Eclipse of the following week, taking place on Tuesday, September 11th, a new phase is beginning in your connections to significant partners in your life, and to the resources that you have at your disposal to effect change. In one way, it's all about your own sense of yourself at this time, and yet it is also all about taking in and making sense of, perhaps even relying on, the help of others to make your transition. The September 19th First Quarter Moon is a key period of time for this process, and may provide the necessary clues to sort out the wheat from the chaff; to see what works for you in this regard, and what simply doesn't. By the time of the Full Moon in the middle of the last week of the month, on September 26th, you will come to a better philosophical understanding of your situation and will have if not the complete answer to this riddle at least a good start on one. Your security depends in a profound way on your own sense of yourself first and foremost, but as you are currently discovering, you cannot entirely leave others out of the equation. The paradox is that you of course cannot depend entirely on others for your own self-definition either, so that a subtle middle ground is indicated. Much wisdom may lie in finding what edge of that delicate boundary is right for you at this time.