Astrology of September 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Libra Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Cardinal Air. Your ruling planet is Venus.

Your future is calling you, Libra, just not the one you previously had in your head. Some very new ideas are making a surprising and powerful foothold in your mind over the course of this month, and everything changes, including your plans going forward, and including what you feel you want to be when you finally grow up. It's quite a shift. You are taking an otherworldly point of view more seriously into account than ever before; seeking a spiritual integration that forces you to realign your thoughts regarding your previous experiences according to an entirely different principle of organization.

As the month begins, you are dwelling in the interior spaces within your heart and mind fully as much or more than those of the outer world. You might have noticed how every year before your birthday you feel this tendency, while the Sun in the sky is traveling through your 12th solar sector, and this year your process is even more internal than usual with your ruler Venus retrograde. Your goals and future plans have been on hold or in revision lately as you contemplate your life from a different angle and wonder what is going to eventually manifest when you emerge from the tunnel of your deep reverie. The time of the Last Quarter Moon of Monday, September 3rd may be especially productive of insight. Then the quieter period leading up to the New Moon is shattered with the Solar Eclipse of Tuesday, September 11th coming along a week later. This is a time of profound insight into your life path, especially if you can take the time to entirely honor the unseen forces that are responsible for much of the driving energy of your evolving awareness and that provide the truest gauge of your progress. The First Quarter Moon of the 19th, traditionally a time of challenges to the arc of development indicated by the preceding New Moon, might test your patience and your faith in your process but will turn out in the long run to be fundamentally positive in terms of transformation. When the Full Moon in your opposite sign takes place during the last week of the month, on Wednesday, September 26th, you are further along in the growth spurt that you have so recently entered, and ready to share your insights with others around you.