Astrology of September 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Sagittarius Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Mutable Fire. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.

You are becoming super-aware of the conflict between public works and private life this month, Sagittarius, as you take on even more in terms of career. The intensity of your outer statement is matched by a spate of creative instability at the core of your being as your security base continues to shift beneath your feet. You are so busy pushing your boulder up the mountain that you might not notice that you are leaving parts of yourself strewn out there on the receding horizon, perhaps forever. Once you get things going they have their own momentum and then - whoosh - everything is left behind in an instant.

As the month begins, you are coming into a powerful time of balancing the forces for play and work, partnership interaction and individual contribution, all on the table, all at the very same time. You are taking on more responsibility than ever for how you show up in the world, and for how you interact with helpful partners in the co-creation of a true win-win situation for all concerned, and at the same time exploring your own individual stance, a force unto yourself and yourself alone. There may be tension in the mix of energies swirling around you, especially at the time of the Last Quarter Moon that kicks off the first full week of the month on Labor Day, but it is the creative tension that breeds new solutions as fast as the difficulties arise. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse of Tuesday September 11th is of course the crux of these challenges and changes that you are currently going through, a time when your public statement abounds with new vision that takes you forward in career and in your daily activity as well, with startling clarity. You are brimming with optimism these days and your can-do attitude takes you far as the remainder of the month unfolds. Powerful transformation is also never far from the action, perhaps most extreme at the time of the First Quarter Moon of September 19th. The key to your happiness at this time lies in letting go and moving forward, no matter what, relying on your nerve and gusto to pull you through. It's an attractive combination; you are mustering the courage of your convictions in a new way that takes everything into account, enjoying the roller-coaster ride without too much regret for the safety of the previous harbor that is no longer available. Just be careful not to look down.