Astrology of September 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Taurus Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Fixed Earth. Your ruling planet is Venus.

You are finding your style these days, Taurus, creating a new and different presence in the world, although it is perhaps too soon to see exactly how it will all turn out. This is about voyaging inward to find the true value of outer expression; in the process you wind up reinventing yourself and how you come across to others. The journeying to the inside of your mind in which you have recently been engaged becomes extremely productive in the current timeframe. Your next big step, that completes the current cycle, comes in mid-October. The only question is how much of what you bring back from your symbolic passage through the underworld of your own psyche will you be able to retain for the most productive unfolding?

As the month begins, you are comfortably settling into your own skin in a new way. With your ruler Venus still retrograde, you may be feeling slightly internal, and are likely to be delving into your deeper issues as you reflect on where you have been and where you are possibly headed at this time. With the Last Quarter Moon of September 3rd, your self-expression is blossoming slowly, coming out to the world around you in a serious and steady way, playing for keeps. This is an important and life-changing and basically optimistic time for you right now, although not without its moments of tension. With the New Moon and Solar Eclipse of Tuesday, September 11th, you are feeling suddenly quite certain about a future path that may have only been available in glimpses earlier. Perhaps money is coming your way right now, or the activity that leads to greater net worth, but the true gold of your situation lies within. You have brought new awareness out of your depths, as it were, over these past few weeks and the richness of your inner world counts greatly as you connect more strongly with family members and with intimate partners, and with yourself, since all these connections have as their basic purpose the stimulation of your own cycle of growth. There are surprises in the cards for you right now and perhaps a sense of destiny also, although the glass is far from clear. It may take a while longer to fully integrate these changes. The First Quarter Moon of the following week, on the 19th, is a time of increased tension in your process, when you are powerfully called to transform in your mode of operation, especially with significant partners in your life. The difficulties that you may encounter at this time really only serve to highlight the direction you need to go. With the Full Moon of Wednesday the 26th you will find greater clarity in your situation, and an even greater willingness for deep connection, and for exploring more fully your own unique path forward.