Astrology of December 2007
by Henry Seltzer (
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Gemini Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Mutable Air. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

This is a big month for you relationship-wise Gemini. Especially after the 9th, significant partnerships of all kinds, both personal and professional, demand your attention. Also, you are all over the place both mentally and physically, so that there is some part of yourself that is not fully present right now for commitment to anyone but yourself. The rules you have for what you expect to get out of life are morphing and you canít expect everyone to be on the same page. Change happens in the most profound way for you these days when you let go of othersí expectations; and perhaps even Ė dare you say it - of your own.

As the month begins, you are more fully aware than ever of the effects of partnership on your life, and also of the limitations that it may bring. Over the next week you are dealing with restrictions on your life in general, seeking the synthesis that allows you through. The New Moon that comes along on Sunday of the following weekend, jump starts your thinking along the lines of workable solutions. This is a wild time for you, over the next few days. Your creativity is strong, and also your reliance on partnership with others to get you down the road of your choosing. You are in the midst of a big growth spurt, and itís exciting so that you donít really have time to be afraid. If your work environment is greatly changing, and suddenly, and with surprises, it is fuel for your greater understanding of your life path. At the time of the First Quarter Moon a week later, on Monday, December 17th, some tension comes into the mix of the energies. Your partnering impulse may conflict in some way with what you are attempting to accomplish in the world, and again, it makes for an important time of figuring things out and getting clear on what really matters to you. The Full Moon of Sunday the 23rd is climactic, and serves to emphasize once again the balance of agendas that is necessary in living with others. This is an essentially optimistic time for you, and a productive of new awareness, especially when you pay close attention to everything that happens right now. You are completing one important phase of your life plan, with more to come. The past is prologue.