Astrology of February 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aquarius Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

You have an important monthly cycle to contend with this month, Aquarius. From a cosmic perspective, you are high-flying. The way that you show up for others is changing, the more so the more you recognize this simple fact. There is a river of deep emotion that you are tapping into with one facet of your awareness, while another part of you ignores this activity and carries on business as usual. There is room for both approaches when you take a broad enough perspective, and that is precisely your present challenge.

As the month begins, you are feeling your oats, riding high on the recent entry of the Sun into your sign, and yet also aware of the multi-layered dynamics and the pitfalls of daily living. Your are more tuned in at this time than ever to the deeper dynamics of your psyche, and you do well when you pay attention to all your parts and take literally everything that happens into account. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse of Wednesday, February 6th, opens up new vistas of your inner motivation, underlining the introspective nature of this period of time for you. You have at this time the possibility of transcending previous patterns of your interactions with the world around you, and the first step is to recognize them. You are becoming more aware of your own internal programming, perhaps in subtle ways at the very edge of your mental peripheral vision, perhaps more directly. As with everyone, there may be a large part of what goes on with you that you are largely blind to, most of the time, and so it is a very precious moment when you can begin to tune in. The Mercury retrograde in your sign is ideal for the self-reflective stance that is necessary to tease out the inner meaning of your experience right now. The First Quarter Moon of the following Wednesday, taking place on the 13th, is a time when there may be a certain degree of tension in your process, and this may help to define the situation still further, if only by contrast to the harmony that you seek. You are pulled into family and closely held personal issues at this time. Then the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of Wednesday, February 20th represents another turning point, a time when you may see more clearly what dynamics that have held you back. Over the course of this entire monthly cycle you have been finding that there are pieces of the puzzle that you have neglected for too long. Now you are gathering the information that you will need to move forward with a greater sense of integration.