Astrology of April 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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Aquarius Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Fixed Air. Your ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

You are still reeling in the changes of this dramatic year, Aquarius, finding the hole in the wall of your limitations and pulling yourself through. This month, communication is the name of your game as you reach out to the circle of your peers in a new way. There is an important and subtle spiritual dimension to the transformation that you are going through. You win when you remember that the messages from your inner world have the power to heal and that your dream imagination is as important as your daylight awareness in coming to the resolution you so actively seek.

As the month begins, you are finding your way through the maze of circumstance, attempting to discover what you are about, which is a life-changing activity for you right now. There is always the potential for self-deception regarding your true motivations, but also the redeeming possibility of integration. The New Moon of the first weekend of the month, taking place on Saturday, April 5th, stirs these feelings up for you and lends energy to your desire for connection with peers and colleagues. You are reaching out to others in a new way right now, exploring your depths as well as your more ordinary day-to-day service orientation. The real truth of your situation might be difficult to discern, involving as it does the unseen and hidden side of yourself that connects you to a wider sphere than the mundane world all around you. It is important to acknowledge the existence of this numinous part of yourself that in actuality forms the greater part of life, and allows you to find intimate connection with others, but it would equally be impossible to live your life alone in that boundary-less realm, without the comforting and instructive presence of the here-and-now. As the poet Robert Frost has put it, "earth's the right place for love; I don't know where it is likely to go better." In any case your mission these days seems to be to find the balance and the integration necessary to enable you to appreciate the regularities of this earth while simultaneously being able to transcend the merely mundane. At the time of the First Quarter Moon of Saturday, April 12th, that mission might become sorely tested by collision with the practicalities of daily existence. This is the time when you are most subject to illusion and confusion regarding your self-image and the mediation between the various parts of yourself in order that you find your true intentions. A delicate balance must definitely be struck as you seek the synthesis that allows you to dance between the horns of your dilemma or to float over them. Then the Full Moon of the following weekend, the 19th and 20th, represents another turning point, when you are making use of your interior process to fuel a more solid footing in the concrete world of self and others. Toward the end of the month, in its final week, with the Last Quarter Moon taking place in your sign on Monday, April 28th, you may begin to get a better idea of what you have been up to in your recent adventures.