Astrology of April 2008
by Henry Seltzer (
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Capricorn Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Cardinal Earth. Your ruling planet is Saturn.

Life is a process of amazing renewal for you right now, Capricorn. This month you are learning that the every-day structure that you value so highly must evolve along with the rest of your life. You are slowly beginning to breathe the air of a territory that is new for you, while at the same time familiar. These are days of regeneration, of returning to the place where you started and knowing it for the very first time. Especially after the Full Moon of April 20th, you are reinventing yourself and reconceptualizing your attitude in a way that is entirely consistent with plans you made long ago, in another part of the galaxy.

As the month begins, you are mulling over issues of personal transformation and security needs, feeling your way through to the next level of understanding. This year is a time of great change for you, when you are determining the course of your life path for the next several, and when you are in particular dealing with self-acceptance concerns that when worked through far enough, will allow you to really get there. The New Moon of Saturday, April 5th, highlights these issues to the extreme and brings with it great energy and pressure for change. Partners in your life are active now, and alternatively helpful and divisive, although in the end you are likely to find that there has been a net gain. Your familial connections are also very important at this time, and potentially hot potatoes also. You are making a new accommodation to the root psychological needs that drive your decision process more than you probably would care to admit. Security issues are also paramount at this time, and may lead to some confusing conclusions, so that the best idea might be to consider the jury to be out until you have had plenty of time to assess all factors involved. The First Quarter Moon that follows a week later is another time of interesting situations that merit close consideration and deep reflection before leaping in any particular direction. This is a time when the impulse for change that has been the hallmark of this monthly cycle must be tempered with concepts of practical consideration that might alter the eventual result. You are feeling greatly tempted to gamble a little on positive outcomes and this might be quite a good thing within reason. Your normal careful attitude toward risky ventures will stand you in good stead at this juncture. When the Full Moon comes along a week later, on the weekend of the 19th and 20th, you are more free to share your plans with others around you, and more ready also to explore the possibility of new approaches to the difficulties of this dramatic era in your life. This is a time of great travail and yet also hope, when you might well apply the operative and apt Chinese definition of crisis as danger plus opportunity. One thing is certain; it will not repay you to stay stuck in the old and narrowing channels.